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Via dei Mulini a Vinci
Via dei Mulini: from Vinci to Barco Reale
A 4-stage journey through nature to discover the historic water mills in the birthplace of Leonardo

In the heart of Tuscany, there's a route that crosses the splendid forests of Montalbano and allows you to take a trip back in time to the when human innovation began to understand how to use water to produce energy. This path is via dei Mulini, in Vinci.

The name of the path derives from the presence of 5 water mills along the route, dating between the 16th and 18th centuries. Although these historic structures are often ruins, it's still possible to understand how the water from the streams was conveyed inside the mill to produce the energy that powered the heavy millstones.

The path is part of the hiking network that surrounds the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and can be traveled on foot or by mountain bike. It's an itinerary of about 3.4 km that's easily accessible for all ages. On foot, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes for the outward journey and 1 hour to return.

directions_bike 3,4 km
Duration: 2 ore 30 minuti
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