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Photo ©Museo della Ceramica Montelupo
Discovering ceramics in Montelupo Fiorentino
Three places for learning about the art of ceramics

The art of ceramics production in Montelupo dates to the Middle Ages, but under Medici rule, the town because a veritable hotbed and the main production site throughout the Florence area.

The fortune of this town is that it’s located on the River Arno, with clay deposits that are vital for making ceramics. These items were used in everyday life, but they were also an expression of wealth, serving as status symbols for noble and bourgeois families. Indeed, for weddings, the most important families ordered entire dining sets from Montelupo comprised of hundreds of pieces.

The ceramics tradition in Montelupo continues even today thanks to the many artisan workshops lining the historic centre, offering a products with traditional decorations alongside contemporary interpretations.

directions_walk 2 km
Duration: 1 day
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