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Biking the Monte Senario
Discovering the Mugello’s hills by bike
This itinerary is one of the most beautiful and difficult paths in the Mugello. There are two ways to access this road—both from the Pratolino side (the most well-known and frequented) and the Bivigliano side, shorter, more difficult and lesser-known but equally as beautiful. 
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From the residential part of Vaglia, go towards Florence on the Via Bolognese (strada regionale 65). After 4 km you will reach the residential area of Fontebuona. Exiting from there, with a wide left turn, you will begin the “Miglio” rise (approx 1.5 km) that leads to Pratolino. This portion can be divided into three legs, separated by short turns (the central curve being the most difficult).

Once in Pratolino, you will exit the strada regionale 65 and turn immediately left in the direction of Bivigliano/Monte Senario. The road goes uphill for another few hundred meters then begins its descent that opens up on the north-west towards the Mugello and the south-east towards the Mugnone Valley. The road rises slightly until the crossroads in the small locality of Casa al Vento where you will continue the last 4 km uphill. At the crossroad, go straight towards Monte Senario on the narrow and bumpy road; the road continues until reaching the one coming from Bivigliano (see below) where you will turn right. Here the road opens up and the surface improves. The steep ascent and thick fir wood make this last bit difficult but worth the views of the entire Mugello that await at your destination.  

Pratolino Medici Park
Pratolino Medici Park

From the Carabinieri station in the residential portion of Vaglia, go towards the train station and continue in the direction of Bivigliano/Monte Senario (SP 103). Once past the overpass, the road narrows and the uphill portion begins in earnest, first with a series of hairpin bends then with a sustained slope (3 km of 8% grade). A short 100 m flat road leads to Tassaia which you will leave to your left when taking the road towards Bivigliano/Monte Senario.

Once at the fork for Caselline, take the sharp left for the residential part of Bivigliano with a steep incline (700 m at 10% grade). In Bivigliano, another sharp left will lead to the 3 km road to Monte Senario. The first half of this road leads through residential construction sites and the second half (equally as difficult) coincides with the route described above.

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