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Photo ©Claudia D'Aliasi
Flowers in San Gimignano
Discover Spring in Tuscany
Enchanting landscapes and top-notch art
Evocative views and intense emotions are what you'll find spending a Spring holiday in Tuscany. Flowers and gardens, soft green hills and valleys to catch in your photographs, simply strolling the paths of the Tuscan countryside is one of the best ways to enjoy the incredible scents and colours of the season. The most famous images of Tuscany are the Cappella di Vitaleta near San Quirico in Val d'Orcia and the cypress-lined roads of Asciano and Monticchiello, but if you are looking for less known spots there's much to see: all Tuscany's picture-perfect.
The entire region boasts harmonious landscapes with luxuriant vineyards, where some of the best grapes in the world grow and the top wines are produced when Autumn arrives. But there's more than this: medieval hamlets, castles, churches and incredible food, all to be discovered.
Chianti- Credit:  Shutterstock.com / Diego Mariottini

The hamlets will enchant you with centuries of history and culture. The piazza in every village has a story to tell; stop there for a gelato and spend some time like a local, going shopping in small street markets where honey, olive oil, cheese and other fresh products are sold. All kinds of workshop, from leather to glass, from crystal to alabaster, depending on the different territories, realize unique manufacture. And if you like exhibits, the civic museums will show you more than you can imagine, from Etruscan to sacred art, from Renaissance to contemporary art.

Cathedral in Cortona- Credit:  Giovanni

For instance, Volterra, the land of alabaster, features open air sculptures by Mario Staccioli in a perfect balance with the surrounding landscape. Going to San Gimignano, visit the Galleria Continua and other permanent installations scattered around.

If you prefer the ancient side of Tuscany, visit the archaeological area and museum in Fiesole, with significant archeological artefacts through which you'll learn more about the Etruscan life and culture. If you still have not enough, head to Cortona, where you can visit the MAEC museum and the Etruscan archaeological area

Bagno Vignoni- Credit:  Andrea Donati

Places like ChiantiVal d'OrciaValdichiana won't disappoint your expectations both for their villages and landscapes. You will breathe the atmosphere of Spring simply hiking in a park, enjoying the warm weather, or relaxing in the beautiful thermal spas even when it rains. If you're looking for somewhere to unwind and laze, maybe you're dreaming of the thermal springs and spa resorts in the Siena territory, where warm, healthy waters flow in abundance. You can visit Bagno Vignoni (the oldest thermal springs, even used by the Etruscans), Bagni San Filippo, Saturnia or Rapolano, each one offering an unforgettable wellness experience!

Bilancino- Credit:  C. D'Aliasi

A charming Spring destination which is perfect for a family holiday, the Mugello is where you can feast your eyes on peaceful landscapes, eat tortelli and roasted meat at the traditional restaurants or rustic osterie, and then - when the belly is full - head to the Bilancino Lake, perfect for paddling, kayaking and SUP.

The countryside surrounding Florence was beloved by the Medici family and this is where they built their country houses, like the villas of Cafaggiolo and Trebbio - Unesco World Heritage sites. The Mugello is also where the artists Giotto and Fra Angelico were born; in Vicchio you can visit the “Fra Angelico” Museum of Sacred Art and Popular Piety, while the house where Giotto was born is in Vespignano, a hamlet between Vicchio and Borgo San Lorenzo. 

Casentino- Credit:  Shutterstock / Jon Naustdalslid

Notice that you can tour around Tuscany along hundreds of itineraries, not only by car and motorcycle but also on foot, by bike or on horseback. The mountains and parks in Tuscany boast a wealth of treasures: the Casentino National Park is great for hiking in the woods and bike riding, while the Maremma and the Etruscan Coast are perfect for beach goers and Etruscan culture lovers.

Villa Reale di Marlia- Credit:  C. D'Aliasi

Florence and Lucca areas are full of amazing parks and gardens that diserve at least a visit in a lifetime. I'm talking about Boboli Garden, Villa Bardini museum and garden - where a tunnel of wisterias blossoms in April and May - and the Cascine (perfect for a picnic) in Florence; but also Villa Reale di Marlia and Villa Torrigiani near Lucca will leave you speechless. 

If you're touring with the whole family, you'll be pleased to visit the Pinocchio Park and Villa Garzoni in Collodi, as well as the Giardino dei Tarocchi in Capalbio and the San Rossore Park, just a few steps from Pisa city centre.

Nature train- Credit:  Antonio Cinotti

Last tips: if you love a slow and old-style way of travelling you really should pick one of the Nature Train journeys and enjoy amazing panoramas from a locomotive that stops in quaint villages to let you take a walk and savour the best local dishes!

After all that has been said, if you haven't already decided where to go and you're into walking, the Via Francigena Toscana offers you the possibility to explore slowly the countryside and some of the most beautiful medieval hamlets simply walking, like the ancient pilgrims used to do.

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