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Car sharing in Florence
There are many options for renting a car for just a few hours or an entire day

Car sharing allows drivers to rent a car for only a few hours, rather than whole days. You’re only required to pay for the actual usage, which is based on the time and distance travelled, and you can access a car at any hour. These kinds of services have been growing in popularity in recent years because it offers many advantages: it’s much cheaper compared to traditional car rentals and owning a car, it’s a more environmentally-friendly solution and it’s becoming increasingly easier to register in just a few minutes and find a car nearby. Florence has four car sharing options: let’s see how to use them.

Share’ngo in Florence

The Share’ngo electric car sharing service is free-floating, which means free parking and free pick-up. Differently from the other services in town, Share'ngo doesn’t have the same price for everyone; instead, it offers a single price that’s created by profiling the customer depending on his/her need for mobility and lifestyle, and generates a discount up to 50% of nominal rates.

The cars chosen by Share'ngo are 100% electrical micro cars with high performance, with over 100 km of autonomy, 2 seats, 300 litres of luggage space, power brakes, power steering, a rear parking sensor, an air conditioner, adjustable seats and a navigation system that uses an on-board computer. Because they’re powered electrically, they’re called “Equomobili,” and their zero-impact means they can travel even in Florence’s pedestrian areas (zona B), which are closed to normal traffic.

You can register on either www.equomobili.it or www.sharengo.it. During registration, you will calculate the your fee, which is valid for one year. The initial cost of registering is just €10, which comes with 30 free minutes.

Women can use this service for just €0.10 between 1am and 6am, offering a safe and secure to get home at night.


Car2go in Florence- Credit:  Stephen Rees

Car2go is present in 30 European cities, including Florence. It works with an app that lets you know where the nearest car is located, open it and start driving. You can rent any available car2go you find parked locally, or you can reserve one online up to 20 minutes beforehand.

You pay by the minute, hour or day. Prices are €0.24 per minute for 2-door car and €0.26 for a 4-door car), and hourly/day packages starting at €17.90 for a 2-door and €19.90 for a 4-door. With car2go, you can drive in the historic centre of Florence (a ZTL zone) and park for free in the blue and white lanes in the parking control zones (ZCS). Note: you cannot park in taxi and public transport fast tracks, lots used for loading and unloading, and lots reserved for certain categories, like handicap and security. You don’t need to worry about refuelling, but if you do fill up the tank, 10 free minutes are credited to your account.

For those coming and going from the Florence airport, there is a small fee of €4.90.


Enjoy car sharing in Florence

Enjoy is Eni car sharing service and is similar to Car2go: you only need the app to register, and drive a Fiat 500. To register, you will need to enter the details of a pre-paid card or credit card.

You have up to 90 minutes to reach your booked Enjoy vehicle: the first 15 are always free, while the next 75 are charged at €0.10 per minute. The countdown on the app will change from green to red to inform you that the free booking period has ended and the paid booking period has started.

Every Enjoy car is equipped with an on-board computer that helps you find where you're going and somewhere to park when you get there. You can drive in the areas with restricted access to traffic, but you can't drive in bus, tram or taxi lanes. You can park in residents-only parking spaces, and you can park free of charge in blue paid parking spaces, even in ZTLs, and in dedicated Enjoy parking areas. You don't have to worry about refuelling. The rate per minute on-the-go is €0.25, which applies to the first 50 km. The maximum daily rate payable for up to 24 consecutive hours of rental is €60.


Adduma Car

Like its counterparts, Adduma Car works through an app that you can download to your phone. After registering (or logging in), you can look for the car nearest to you and reserve it directly from your phone. You’ll receive a PIN and a QR code, either of which you can use to open the car. With Adduma, you’re allowed to drive through Category B and C pedestrian areas and within the ZTLs. When you’re done using the car, you can park it for free in any of the blue paid parking lots you find, as well as resident-only parking.

If at anytime you need to fill up, you can use the card located within the car holder at any of the Enel electric stations. If you refuel up to 80%, you’ll receive a €6 bonus to spend on your next rental.

Costs depend on the type of car you want to use (Citroen C-Zero, Renault Zoe or a Van), but for the city, it’s best to use the Citroen, which will cost you €0.18 within the 1st hour, €0.07 after the 2ns hour and €0.01 after the 9th hour. There are also hourly options: 1 hour for €10.80, 2 hours for €15 or 8 hours for €40.20. For a full 24 hours, the price is €49.80. For the cost of the other two options, read here.


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