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The River Santerno, Firenzuola
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The Santerno River at Camaggiore
A striking landscape, best visited in the summer

The source of the Santerno River starts at 1222m above sea level, on the Apennine ridge of the Fulla Pass. The river runs 99km across the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines before joining the River Reno. Prior to that, though, it stretches between the valley of Firenzuola and the town of Camaggiore in a succession of beautiful landscapes and swimmable reaches. Every summer the river is frequented by numerous locals and tourists who come to relax in a natural environment which seems as though it were made for swimmers, what with its natural pools, waterfalls and smooth white rocks, ideal for sunbathing. A wild, secluded spot, then, perfect for relaxing and fun. Just before Pieve di Camaggiore is a charming old stone bridge, which was built in 1700 at the request of Grand Duke Leopold in order to reduce the number of accidents and drownings that occurred whenever people tried to ford the river in flood.

Any of the pleasant walks around here will reveal striking panoramas and rustic buildings, obviously well-made but now abandoned.

Santerno river
roomVia S. Pellegrino Cà di Balduccio, 570, 50033 Firenzuola FI, Italia
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