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Palazzo Mansi, particolare
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Talking about Art online
Desde el  24 feb 2021  hasta el  31 mar 2021
Free digital events to discover the treasures of the Pinacoteca of the National Museum, Palazzo Mansi.

Parlar d'Arte (Talking about Art) online, every Wednesday afternoon from 17.00 to 18.30, until March 31 on the Zoom platform.

The workshops, organized by the educational services of the Museum, are dedicated to viewing a selection of paintings from the collection of Palazzo Mansi, with an invitation to tell and share sensations and ideas inspired and stimulated by the works of art. The event offers participants the opportunity to delve into and get to know (only virtually, for now) some of the most significant works of the entire museum itinerary, involving them in an inner journey, through art and time, with glimpses of the Pinacoteca's paintings ranging from the Renaissance to the Second World War II, taking in canvases and sculptures by early twentieth century artists from Lucca, housed on the second floor of Palazzo Mansi.

The activity, created to propose a new and direct way of visiting the work "face to face", consists of a path that invites participants to share their perceptions in regards to each single work, along with the group. It therefore transforms into a virtual experience, in the place of actual meetings as soon as museums can welcome the public once again.

To receive the access credentials, a reservation is required at least one day in advance of the chosen date by writing to drm-tos.servizieducativi.lu@beniculturali.it for the attention of Ivana Giunta.

Desde el  24 febrero 2021 hasta el 31 marzo 2021
dalle 17:00  alle  18:30 

Desde el  24 feb 2021 hasta el 31 mar 2021
Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi
Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi, Via Galli Tassi, Lucca, LU, Italia
Desde el  24 febrero 2021 hasta el 31 marzo 2021
dalle 17:00  alle  18:30 

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