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Duration 2 days
Water, wine and fire: two days between Chianciano, Montepulciano and Montefollonico

It is a baptism of water, wine and fire, the journey that begins at the spas of Chianciano, touches the vineyards of Montepulciano and finishes at the terracotta furnaces of Petroio, passing through Montefollonico on the way. We are in the heart of the Sienese Valdichiana, in a landscape sculpted by sharecropping, and therefore more cultivated than primal. Signs of it are plentiful in an area that adheres to a centuries-old way of doing things, with its villas, palazzi, churches and antiquarian flair for Etruscan memories. The paths that criss-cross the territory vary from broad, easy tracks to the most primitive ruts.

directions_car25 km
Duration: 2 days
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