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Photo ©Marcel Fagin
Siena side of Val di Chiana
Duration 6 days
One week in Val di Chiana and Maremma

What if we told you that there’s a civilization much older and more enigmatic than the ancient Romans? The origins of the Etruscans are shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that they showed up on the Italian peninsula by the 9th century BCE, settling in what is today central Italy. Tuscany is home to a vast wealth of traces related to this ancient civilization, especially in Val di Chiana and Maremma, making this corner of Tuscany perfect for a family vacation dedicated to learning a bit about the region’s fascinating history. This six-day itinerary will bring you from the Arezzo side of Val di Chiana to the Siena side and down to northern Maremma before ending in the stunning village of Pitigliano, in southern Maremma. You’ll pass through medieval towns, dip your toes in the Mediterranean Sea and hike the unique Vie Cave, paths cut out of the tuff rock used by the Etruscans millennia ago.

Duration: 6 days
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