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Piazza Grande, Arezzo
Duration 1 day
One Day in Arezzo

On most trips to Italy most people leave Arezzo off their visitor radar, and thus it becomes an absolute joy to discover unhurried without the staggering crowds that places like Florence, Siena and Pisa typically receive. This relatively obscure town is beloved to those have already been, perhaps it’s the air of elegance and intellectualism which pervades in Arezzo and chance to truly feel part of local life, even if solely for a day. It tends to invite the curious sort who appreciate rich art heritage to consider giving eastern Tuscany more of a chance, after all you might recognize the magnificent Piazza Grande in Roberto Benigni’s epic film “Life is Beautiful.”

I go back year after year and revel in the calm ambiance and cool café culture of this charming place. Keep in mind that it is screamingly easy to reach, only an hour and seventeen minutes by train from Florence and slightly under that by car.

Arezzo’s train station is on the cusp of the center and requires a 1km (mostly uphill) walk to the historical center, you can also hop on the bus if the hill seems a tad too daunting. If you come by car, keep in mind that the ZTL (limited traffic zone) exists here too so play it safe and park at Pietri Parcheggio which offers escalators that arrive directly in the center (coincidentally these escalators have some really interesting urban art).

directions_walk1 km
Duration: 1 day
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