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Duration 3 days
3 days in Castagneto Carducci, Cala Violina and the Val di Cornia

Kilometres and kilometres of beaches surrounded by hills and plateaus in the shade of pine trees and cypresses. Forests of Mediterranean scrub and small villages dating to the Middle Ages that have become little oases of peace and nature. This is the Etruscan Coast, an area inhabited since Antiquity by the population that came before even the Roman Empire and was later absorbed by it.

The whole territory is an assortment of small villages, where the most precious archeological ruins rest in the shade of elegant medieval buildings in stone and brick, little Romanesque churches and country homes. And the best part? Their position, which, from high atop the hills, offers a view of the sea as if on a large natural terrace.

There are small towns, like BibbonaCampiglia Marittima and Casale Marittimo, the poetic panoramas of Castagneto Carducci, and Bolgheri, with its famous cypress-lined avenue, classified as a national monument. This is the territory immortalized by the poet Giosuè Carducci, who in 1906 became the first Italian to win the Nobel Prize for literature.  

Thanks to the short distances between the beaches and the hills inland, the Etruscan Coast is an ideal destination for immersing yourself in authentic Tuscany, perfect for a few days’ vacation in nature.

directions_walkby car 55 km / on foot 30.7 km
Duration: 3 days
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