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Via Medicea from Prato to Fucecchio
Amidst history and legends, a beautiful walk in the footsteps of the Medici

The Via Medicea is beautiful itinerary leaving from the Cascine di Tavola in Prato and arriving in Fucecchio, passing through stunning territories that the Medici family lived in and which were even depicted by Leonardo da Vinci in his paintings. Along the way, we will come across four Medici villas, today UNESCO World Heritage Sites, villages, mountains and valleys, nature reserves, archeological sites and lots of historic-artistic traces. The Via Medicea strategically connects the Wool and Silk Trail with the via Francigena, allowing all those travelling the route to connect the Po Valley and Northern Europe with the Eternal City and its spirituality.

The Via Medicea is classified as medium difficult and can be traversed in four or more days. It crosses through seven municipalities and three provinces for a total of 78,3 km. The total difference in altitude is 2,145 metres.

Dedicated signage indicates the route as it winds primarily along local roads and CAI trails.

directions_walk 78,3 km

The hiking map of the route in a scale of 1:25,000, combined with the guide, can be purchased online. Find out more on the official website viamedicea.it

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