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The path to reach Cala del Ceppo
A trekking itinerary that crosses the natural wonders of Capraia Island

A small island with a wild soul: this is Capraia, one of the gems of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is concentrated with nature, perfumes and colours which captivate anyone who visits it.

Among the most extraordinary inlets of Capraia, is Cala del Ceppo along the east coast of the island. It was once a useful landing place for locals, a couple of kilometers away from the current village.

Even today, Cala del Ceppo is loved and appreciated for its seabed of rocks and sand, to be explored with googles and a snorkel in the blue waves. To reach it, there is a trekking itinerary (about 8 km round trip) that starts in the center of the village, goes into the Mediterranean scrub in the Piana area and up to the bathing point.

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