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The path to the Stagnone on the Island of Capraia
Take a walking tour to the Stagnone di Capraia, the only small natural lake in the Arcipelago Toscano National Park

Set out on a winter’s Sunday on Capraia: The perfect opportunity for a hike to the very heart of the island!

Capraia is a volcanic island, formed nearly 9 million years ago, although no traces of volcanic craters remain there today. Legend has it that the Stagnone, the only natural reservoir in the Tuscan Archipelago, was once the mouth of the volcano. This “small lake” is also the destination of your trip.

The Stagnone is approximately a 6-kilometre walk away from the town of Capraia Isola. The route is varied: you’ll set off towards the Plain but just before you get there, you turn right in the direction of Arpagna. From here, you’ll walk along the Strada del Semaforo, dotted here and there with Mediterranean scrub. After passing the junction for the Stagnone, you take the path leading up to Monte le Penne. After the Sella dell’Acciattore with Corsica on the horizon, there is one more ascent and descent to get to the Stagnone. To catch the buttercups in bloom, however, you’ll have to come again in Spring.

directions_walk 6 km
Duration: 2 hours
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