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Photo ©Marta Mancini
Le Biancane nature reserve, Monterotondo Marittimo
Sasso Pisano to Monterotondo Marittimo: a trip through the fuming fields
A journey through unspoiled Tuscany, in search of the hot springs beloved of the Etruscans

There is an area in Tuscany, covering the municipalities of Pomarance, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and Monterotondo Marittimo, which is known as the Valle del Diavolo, or the Devil’s Valley. Pools, fumaroles, jets of steam and boiling springs pockmark this territory, which seems to have inspired Dante’s topography of hell in his Divine Comedy.   

These haunting, almost lunar landscapes are the idea destination for an outdoors trip. You can follow trekking routes, or visit the main panoramic vantage points and the thermal pools.

We suggest some things to do and see on a car journey from Sasso Pisano to Monterotondo Marittimo, for a day in an unforgettable landscape.

directions_car 9 km
Duration: 1 day
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