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Maremma dei Butteri and the Ombrone Bridge by bike
History, traditions and characters

Roman constructions are frequently found in Maremma, and their ruins have often been used as the foundations for new buildings. This is the case with the ancient Ponte del Diavolo (I-II century AD) located in what is now known as Pian di Barca, that once enabled the ancient Via Aurelia to cross the Ombrone river.

In March 2019, the cycle/pedestrian bridge was inaugurated, named Eugenio Luigi Bellucci (known by the nickname 'Gigi della Barca') in memory of the legendary ferryman from between the 1920s and the 1960s. The bridge allows us to cross the river in the same place as the ancient Romans, and connects Grosseto to the Maremma Park.

Length: 37 km
Altitude / difference in height: 50 mt
Type of ground: asphalt, dirt bike path with compact ground
Percentage of dirt road: 25%
Difficulty: easy
Recommended bike: tour, mountain bike

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