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Hiking the ring route between Greve and Panzano
In the heart of the Chianti, immerse yourself in one of the most beloved Tuscan villages

The Chianti landscape is known as the symbol of Tuscany throughout the world, beloved, dreamed of and famed in abundance. But how can we live up to the dreams of tourists from every corner of the planet who are enchanted by this perfect balance of forms and colours, by the harmony between nature and man that seems to come so easily here, by the beauty of a countryside that transforms into wholesomeness on the canvas?

There are many ways to experience and get a taste for this extraordinary region, but one of the best is surely exploring it at the slow pace of a hike: a complete immersion in the territory, discovering more than just the typical places and images and savouring the more genuine reality.

The hike that we propose takes us to Greve, one of the municipalities that make up the heart of the Chianti.

directions_walk 14 km
Duration: 5 hours
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