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Cycling along the ways of Dante Alighieri in Tuscany
Cycling along the ways of Dante Alighieri in Tuscany

Between 1303 and 1306, in the years that immediately followed the sentencing of exile suffered by Dante Alighieri and the other white Florentine Guelphs, battles were held in different areas of the Mugello that saw the white Guelphs on one side, who were supported by the powerful Ubaldini family and other Ghibelline allies, and on the other side there was the Florentine Republic, led by the black Guelphs opposed by the Supreme Poet.

This itinerary of about 71 km, starts from Florence and dives into the green of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines up to Marradi, crossing those areas that in the early 1300s were the scenes of the events that are closely linked to the fate of Dante. The route takes in historic palazzi and castles, Romanesque churches, streets full of history and breathtaking views.
The route is part of a wider itinerary of about 220 km that winds between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, between the Tuscan capital and city of art that was the birthplace of Dante Alighieri, and Ravenna, where the poet spent the last years of his life in exile and where his remains are kept.

The Tuscan stretch is ideally divided into three stages, and mainly develops along paved roads with average traffic and so is for the most part recommended for expert cyclists with good physical preparation.
The short central stage between San Piero a Sieve and Borgo San Lorenzo, on the other hand, includes a section along a dedicated and protected cycle path that's also suitable for families with children and less experienced cyclists. It starts from the hamlet of Larciano and runs mostly along the river Sieve.

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In Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo and Marradi, the itinerary intersects the route of the renowned Dante train, giving everyone the opportunity to create their own tailor-made Dante itinerary, alternating between train and cycle sections. It's possible to transport bicycles both on the historic convoy and on the regional trains that depart regularly from the Florence Santa Maria Novella station.

And that's not all, the itinerary can also be discovered virtually on Google Street View, thanks to mapping with 360° images created with Google Trekker. Furthermore, you can follow the route on the Google Maps app on your smartphone, pedal by pedal.
Find out all the details on the stages in the itinerary below!

This itinerary is divided into  3 Legs:

The 360° mapping of the route on Google Street View, as well as the Google Maps route, the KML route, photos and promotional video were produced by Federico Debetto, a Google Street View certified photographer, on behalf of Toscana Promozione Turistica, the Tuscany Region and the Emilia Romagna Region as part of the Le Vie di Dante project.

Historical sources on the events related to Dante's life mentioned in the itinerary: danteinmugello.com

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