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Abetone: Libro Aperto on snowshoes
A winter excursion on the Tuscan mountain

Abetone’s success in tourism began in the 19th century, after the construction (dating to the late 1700s) of the road commissioned by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo and the Duke of Modena Francesco III. In a short time, the town became a popular place for summer vacations. With the introduction of skiing – as was said then – from Norway, winter tourism began to take hold here as well.

Winter resorts came into fashion in the 1930s, and in 1937, the first ski lift, called the Slittone, was built. The real boom came in the 1950s, when the efforts of skier Zeno Colò brought Abetone to the international forefront.

The winter mountain isn’t just used for skiing, however. Snowshoe hikers will find this Pistoia mountain the ideal terrain for their activity. Numerous trails are available and it’s possible to choose tracks that are halfway up the mountain or along the ridge, enjoying the vast horizons, from the mountains to the sea, on calm days. One of the most beloved trails by snowshoers is definitely the one running between Abetone and Libro Aperto, one of the emblematic mountains of this area. The curious name comes from the shape of the mountain group which, if seen from Valle della Lima, seems like a large open book propped up on a stand.

directions_walk 13 km
Duration: 5.30 hours
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