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A breathtaking bike trip toward Cala Violina
Enjoy views of beautiful beaches and farms of Tuscany

This route begins and ends in the coastal city of Follonica. The sea takes center stage on this lovely ride through open air, which takes you through some of the most beautiful, magical beaches.

directions_bike 15.6 km

Departure and destination: Follonica, in the small town Puntone
Difficulty: Easy
Type of streets: A mix 
Length: 15,600 Km
Altitude: 60 m  

This quick route is superbly scenic. You will cycle predominantly through dirt routes without particular difficulty, making your way through one of the most spectacular Tyrrhenian coastal stretches. Cala Violina and Cala Martina can only be reached by walking, bicycling or on horseback. 

From here, you’ll continue down an asphalt street (if you want, you can continue down the dirt path parallel to the country road, but it is a rather slippery stretch that is only advisable for those on a mountain bike) for about 2.5 kilometers. Then you’ll stop at a sign on the right for Cala Violina, where you’ll then start cycling on the dirt path of the Strada Comunale di Civette (3.6). After 600 meters, you’ll reach an intersection (on the right, there’s a direct route to the Cala Violina parking area). From here, you’ll go straight for 400 more meters until you reach Laschetti farm.   

The street weaves through the farming area and, just after the farm, you’ll take the path marked on the left (4.7). After a short while, you’ll pedal along the bottom of sandstone layers, cruising along a forest for about 500 meters, until you reach the first deviation (5.2, an iron gate). Here you’ll turn left, going down on the dirt road; after 300 meters, you’ll reach a paved road where you’ll see campsites. Once you’ve arrived there, you’ll turn right, moving along the Alma river. After 1.7 kilometers, having reached the Carpineta farm (7.2), you’ll leave the paved road. Turn right on the dirt road, going up from a sandy area back into the woods, until you reach an obvious intersection where you’ll continue uphill to the left for 400 meters. 

You’ll continue to pedal uphill until you reach the brow (8) where the descent begins down a narrow road surrounded by bushes. This road takes you to the the coast near Punta Le Canne. Continue downhill for about 500meters, enjoying a great view of the beaches of Casetta Civinini, Punta Hidalgo, Castle Balbo, the Hawk islet and the edges of the nearby Elba Island. 

The scenic trail that takes you to Cala Violina (9.5) is beautiful. From here we recommend taking a quick detour (on foot) toward one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. The route then continues along the coast on the dirt road, moving up and down, up to Cala Martina (11.4). Here, it passes by the monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who, in 1849 rested in Cala Martina after escaping the papal guards.  

You’ll continue until the end of the dirt road (13.6) and, once you pass the iron bar, you’ll be back on the asphalt close to a square where you’ll continue through Puntone, crusing through the Fiumara marina until you arrive at Largo Cala Violina. 

The route ends at Piazza Dani, near the car park, where you started (15.6). 

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