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Wedding in Tuscany
Where to get married in Tuscany
Stunning landscapes, historic towns and endless art – the perfect picture of romance

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most romantic regions; a landscape that has charmed lovers for centuries. Declare your vows while embraced by cypress trees, vineyards or within one of the many graceful and elegant historic locations. Tuscany offers endless possibilities for the perfect wedding day. Let the bells ring as we take you through these idyllic spots to celebrate your love. Where better to begin your lives together than at the very heart of la dolce vita!

Florence Area
Giardino delle Rose, Florence- Credit:  SIME/Guido Cozzi

Florence will undoubtedly spring to mind when thinking about where to marry in Tuscany. Accessible by an international airport, the splendor of the Renaissance city sits nestled in its valley, cradled by the hills that surround it. Lovers wander the cobbled streets, as enamoured with each other as they are with the enchanting atmosphere. Palazzo Vecchio is the seat of the city’s political power, standing proudly in Piazza della Signoria for over seven centuries. Here, civil ceremonies take place in the Sala Rossa, an aptly red room, however, the city has no shortage of romantic sites. The Giardino delle Rose is a breathtaking terraced garden right beneath Piazzale Michelangelo. With an unparalleled view of the city, immerse yourself among 1200 botanical varieties and 400 hundred types of roses, some species even dating back to the 16th century.

A historic site with easy accessibility is the Santa Maria Novella Complex, right next to Florence’s main train station. Only very recently available for civil ceremonies, join together in the premises of the former Infirmary where can you also hold your reception.

A stately villa is sure to be a spectacular location for the special occasion. Villa Vogel is one such site, positioned inside a magnificent park that's the perfect backdrop for incredible photo graphs.

Wedding in Fiesole- Credit:  Noemi Coen

Head for the hills of Fiesole for a remarkable occasion in the Etruscan-Roman hilltop town that vaunts splendid views of Florence lying in the valley below. Declare your love from the Roman Theatre of Fiesole that once held up to 3,000 spectators. Gather 150 guests if marrying on the terrace in front of the Archaeological Museum, or 400 if you choose the Roman Theatre itself. Tuscan style is synonymous with rustic charm, intricate details, sun-washed hillsides and stone farmhouses. Bringing all these elements together is Villa San Michele Belmond, snugly set into the hills of Fiesole. The Pensione Bencistà, with its marvellous view of Florence, is one of the most well-known venues in the area. The 14th century former monastery also became home to noble Florentine families and even the well-known German Symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin.

Oratory of Santa Caterina- Credit:  Mongolo1984

Bagno a Ripoli is perfectly positioned between Florence and Chianti, making it ideal for exploratory adventures pre- and post-wedding. The Oratory of Santa Caterina is a lovely setting for your ceremony, formed on the Rimezzano farm on the slopes of the Baroncelli hill in 1354. The traditional family farm is wonderfully relaxed with an understatedly simple exterior that belies the gasp-inducing frescoed interior. Also, in Bagno a Ripoli, you can find the Spedale del Bigallo: with over 800 years of history, it’s a marvel of medieval Florentine architecture. Borgo I Vicelli is a prestigious venue; a romantic country resort composed of several cottages, a 19th century villa, spa and private pool, sitting on 17 hectares bordered by olive groves and enchanting woods. Or, you could choose the Li Zuti Country Villa, just 15 minutes from Florence; an architectural gem with extraordinary gardens, a 16th century tower, luxurious suites for your guests, and a chestnut tree forest featuring a scenic waterfall.

Castello di Volognano- Credit:  Castello di Volognano, Facebook page

Pontassieve, located at the spot where the river Sieve flows into the river Arno, is a unique setting with a truly Tuscan feel. The Town Hall is available for civil ceremonies, home to the famous Sala delle Eroine (Hall of the Heroines) with its fresco cycle by Ferdinando Folchi that depicts remarkable women. Private venues in Pontassieve include Castello del Trebbio, a staggeringly beautiful centuries-old castle complete with farmhouses and pools, completely immersed in the entirely tranquil wine-growing area of Chianti Rufina. The historic Pazzi Conspiracy transpired in this very place, making it as fascinating as much for history lovers as nature admirers. Other locations are: Villa il Trebbiolo, Fattoria Lavacchio, Villa d'Arte Agriresort and Tenuta Villa Bossi.

Alternatively, Rignano sull'Arno in the Valdarno is home to many centuries-old hamlets, scattered among the rivers and hills. The Town Hall hosts civil ceremonies in the Sala del Consiglio with plenty of private venues to choose from such as the Fattoria di Castiglionchio, a 12th century fortified settlement rich in history, art and culture and endlessly beautiful, or the Villa Il Palagio, a modernly decorated yet historic structure surrounded by vineyards with the possibility of renting the entire villa. Also deserve a spot in this list the 11th century Volognano Castle and Fattoria Pagnana.

Check out here other venues in and around Florence.

Siena Area
Palazzo Pubblico di Siena- Credit:  Alessandro Farese

Siena is simply resplendent, its wonderfully preserved medieval centre blending into the paradisiacal countryside settled around it. The Palazzo Pubblico, (City Hall) stands tall beside the slender Torre del Mangia in Piazza del Campo. Built between 1297 and 1319, the Palazzo preserves masterpieces of Sienese art by the likes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Simone Martini that will undoubtedly inspire awe. There’s also the remarkable balcony of the Loggia dei Nove, where you can choose to say your vows with the magnificent Piazza del Campo down below. Or, marry in Sala del Concistoro, then step outside into the breathtaking Piazza del Campo for your first photographs as a married couple. Another choice is to marry in the stunning Palazzo Patrizi, a recently renovated stately historic building also located in the heart of the city, with frescoed ceilings and ample space to accommodate many guests. The Medici Fortress is another marvellous option, also known as the Fort of Saint Barbara, built between 1561-63 in the San Prospero neighbourhood. 

Near Siena, the complex of San Galgano Abbey is a historic site for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Set in the stretch of Tuscany between Siena and Massa Marittima, this significant Tuscan monastery was considered one of the most prestigious examples of Italian Gothic-Cistercian architecture. Now reduced to ruins, it still charms with its dramatic structure standing tall, in spite of the centuries.

San Gimignano
Piazza Duomo San Gimignano- Credit:  Shutterstock / Claudio Giovanni Colombo

If you’ve always admired San Gimignano and longed to join hands among historic walls, have a look at the Palazzo Comunale also known as Palazzo del Popolo or Palazzo Nuovo del Podestà, located in Piazza del Duomo next to the Collegiata, that houses the Civic Museums of San Gimignano. On the first floor is the Sala del Consiglio, also known as Sala Dante, in memory of the visit that the Florentine poet made in 1299 to San Gimignano as ambassador of the Guelph league. Romantically, you can also find a fresco series narrating love scenes, attributed to Memmo di Filippuccio.


Birthplace of the artist, inventor and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, marry in the land of the one of the greatest geniuses in the world. Declare your love in the farmhouse where he was born (Casa Natale di Leonardo) on April 15, 1452, in Anchiano, 3 kilometers from Vinci. Nestled among the hills and olive groves of the landscape that inspired him, take your wedding photographs in the area that came to feature as the backgrounds to some his most famous paintings. Another choice is the Leonardo Museum, a short distance from where he was born and a truly unique and memorable location that holds more than 300 works and objects, including his famous flying machines. Leonardo lovers will be interested to know that Leonardo’s favourite drink, Acquarosa, was also discovered in the 16th century Medici Villa, Villa Dianella, situated in a beautiful park and equipped with a sweet family chapel. It was also the favoured residence of the Empolese poet, Renato Fucini, who rests here. The last Leonardo location is Casale di Valle, overlooking the hills of Vinci and Cerreto Guidi. This rural yet refined residence features the reconstructed ‘Leonardo’s vineyard’, modelled on the vineyard of his birthplace where he used to love to draw.

Palazzo Pretorio- Credit:  Sailko

Make memories in the Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo. Built between 1117 and 1164, it’s home to valuable works by the della Robbia school, Etruscan and Roman artefacts, and is in fact the main exhibition site in Certaldo. Alternatively, set the date for Palazzo Giannozzi, characterized by its 14th century and Renaissance structures, it’s passed through by one of the most picturesque streets of the town. The striking paved terrace of Belvedere Calindri within the Palazzo Giannozzi complex is a stunning stage for a sparkling affair. 

Massa Marittima
Massa Marittima- Credit:  Shutterstock.com / WeronikaH

Positioned on a high and isolated hill 380 meters above sea level, the historic center of Massa Marittima stands enclosed within a well-preserved city wall, a remnant of its medieval past. The atmosphere is even more ancient than that, however, with potentially Etruscan origins. Sunrises, sunsets and surprises await in this magical land that is linked to precious metals. Here, you can marry in the Ufficio di Stato Civile in the Palazzo Comunale for the civil ceremony itself. The inner courtyard of the Museum of Sacred Art is an extraordinary setting for your significant ceremony. While the Reading room of the municipal library proves to be a popular choice for bibliophiles. The extraordinary Giardino d’Arte by Norma Parenti is an incredible sight, swirling in ebbs and flows that will undoubtedly create spectacular photographs that you can be guaranteed no one else will have.

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