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View of San Casciano dei Bagni
Travel through Tuscany with 8 Tales
The best stories from Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere

They say that you can make every journey three times: when you dream of it, when you do it, and when you recall it. With Tuscany, Beautiful Everywhere we take you on a trip through some of the region's stories, whether of scarcely-believable meetings, of dreams-come-true, or of love that never ends. Stories that involve incredible characters or the joys of simple things, stories that continue the dream of Tuscany: distant for many, but far away for none.

A New Perspective, by Marco Malvaldi
Walls of Pisa- Credit:  Stefano Cannas

A walk at altitude on the medieval walls of Pisa, from Piazza dei Miracoli to Piazza delle Gongole. You can see the tower of the church of San Torpè poke out from among the trees, and look down over the magnificent district of San Francesco. Read the story by Marco Malvaldi: A New Perspective.

More Wine for All of Us Up Here, by Daniele Pasquini
Pélago- Credit:  pagina FB ProLoco Pelago

In Pélago, the local madman explains to us the advantages of living in a place with a sloping piazza: "Things roll downhill, so the heavy issues just roll away. We're left only with the lighter matters." Read the story by Daniele Pasquini: More Wine for All of Us Up Here.

Everything's Possible: Word of an Emperor, by Silvio Ciappi
The village of Marciana- Credit:  Shutterstock.com / Antonio Scarpi

A trip back in time among the rocks and cliffs of the Isle of Elba, where even the stones smell of the sea, where everything is inlaid in a mirror of water, where you soon learn not to ask questions, but where, above all, everything is possible. Read the history by Silvio Ciappi: Everything is Possible: Word of an Emperor.

A Promise Kept, by Simona Bellocci
The old mill, Scandicci

Two youngsters swore their eternal love to each other among the ruins of an old mill in Scandicci. The journey along the tram of memories will take you from the green countryside to a modern town, which is always ready to light up for a party. Read the story by Simone Bellocci: A Promise Kept.

A Grandmother, a Granddaughter and the Joys of a Simple Life, by Costanza Baldini
Piazza in Greve, surrounded by colonnades, with the centre statue dedicated to Giovanni da Verrazzano- Credit:  Shutterstock / Kokophotos

Running in the wake of the swallows, weddings in Montefioralle, a wide river winding through the Chianti and bunches of wild flowers in Greve in Chianti. Read the story by Costanza Baldini: A Grandmother, a Granddaughter and the Joys of a Simple Life.

The World of Ettore
Boats in Viareggio- Credit:  Elena Torre

The story of the tabby cat who befriended the fishermen of Viareggio. A true celebrity, he lived 19 years among the shouts and smells of the sea, among the love of fishermen and merchants, and the games and cries of children. Read the story, The World of Ettore.

The Fire of Impruneta, by Marco Vichi
Impruneta Furnace

A visit to a furnace in Impruneta and an unlikely meeting with Filippo Brunelleschi. From rough earth to the most famous dome in the world, without forgetting to lavish it with spices. Read the story by Marco Vichi: The Fire of Impruneta.

The Divine Spark, by Margaret Mazzantini
San Casciano dei Bagni

If you believe in the existence of a divine spark at the core of every human being, you can look for it here, in these lands beaten by the sun and the wind, where thought blooms into clarity. Read the story by Margaret Mazzantini: The Divine Spark.

But it doesn't end here! If you love myths and legends, you will find them here aplenty, like the stories of San Mamiliano and the treasures of Monte Cristo, or how the Devil's Bridge at Borgo a Mozzano was built in a single night. Stories along the River Arno, of departures and returns, of ghosts and demons. Let yourself be transported by the tales of Tuscany, wherever they may take you.

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