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Cala Violina beach
Top 10 beaches of the Maremma in Tuscany
Discover the best beaches in the Tuscan Maremma

The Maremma is an extensive area in Southern Tuscany, located in the province of Grosseto and characterized by old traditions, wild nature and wonderful beaches. Yes, Maremma is perfect for a relaxing summer holiday! Here are the top 10 beaches of the Maremma, according to some locals: each one is special… let's discover them!

La Feniglia
La Feniglia beach
La Feniglia beach- Credit:  Giacomo on Flickr

La Feniglia is a big, wide sandy beach of dunes of about 7 kilometres that connects Monte Argentario to Ansedonia, in the southern part of the peninsula of Monte Argentario.

It is one of the most famous beaches in the area because of its beauty and because it is suitable for families. The water is crystal clear and the presence of Mediterranean pinewoods is a plus.

Punta Ala
Punta Ala
Punta Ala- Credit:  Nico Cavallotto

Punta Ala has two main beaches to visit. The first is right at the end of the tourist port in the town and you can reach it walking towards the Balbo Villa. The water is calm, protected from the sea and the yachts by a stone bridge but it can get crowded in summer. You can also swim to the Sparviero Island from this beach.

The second beach is 2 kilometres long and runs down Via della Dogana, between the Hidalgo Tower and Cala. You can reach it either on foot from the port or by car. In Punta Ala, there are both public beaches and well-equipped resorts. 

Talamone beach
Talamone beach- Credit:  Pasma

Talamone is located on a small promontory and has some bays and beaches that are very characteristic. There is a small beach under the Fortress, called "Bagno delle Donne".

This is an ideal place for sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. On the north side of the sea, there are rocks perfect for snorkelling. 

Cala Violina
Cala Violina
Cala Violina- Credit:  troita

Cala Violina is a stunning white sand cove, situated within the Gulf of Follonica, the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve and the Coast of Scarlino Protected Natural Area of Local Interest. Cala Violina lies within the territory of the municipality of Scarlino, in the province of Grosseto.

The beach is only accessible by foot, bike or horse. It is a public beach with crystal clear water in the shape of a half moon of white sand with the green of the woods behind the beach. The name comes from a local legend that says the sands emit a sound when you walk upon them, like a violin melody. 

Capezzòlo beach
Capezzòlo beach- Credit:  Fausto Frassinetti

Set along the coastal town of Castiglione della Pescaia, this beach has a white sand and runs from Punta Capezzòlo to the port channel. The sea is very clean and the beaches well-equipped with entertainment, even after sunset. Activities by day include sailing, mini cruises and more.

To reach the beach from Follonica follow the SP158 road, in the direction of Castiglione della Pescaia. 

Cala di Forno
Cala di Forno
Cala di Forno- Credit:  Rik & Ste

Cala di Forno beach is situated in the Regional Park of the Maremma, south of Collelungo. It is enclosed between two promontories of the Uccellina mountains and has a small bay, with lilies in blossom during the summer.

The beach can be reached only between the fall and spring seasons because during the summer it is closed to better conserve the nature in the area. You can arrive at Cala di Forno by foot, with a two-hour walk, or easily by boat.

Cala Piccola
Cala Piccola
Cala Piccola- Credit:  Olga e Zanni

Cala Piccola is a rocky cove, with a small pebble beach and clear blue water.

Thanks to its easy road access, it is one of the most family-oriented among the beaches in Monte Argentario. 

Porto Santo Stefano
Sunset in Porto Santo Stefano
Sunset in Porto Santo Stefano- Credit:  Valerio Ianna

Porto Santo Stefano has a couple of small bathing establishments and a lot of free beaches, among them are Bagni di Domiziano, Cala del Bove, and Cala del Gesso.

After Porto Santo Stefano, the landscape becomes wilder and access to the sea more difficult, but the beauty of the coves is sure to enchant anyone who visits them. 

Porto Ercole
Porto Ercole
Porto Ercole- Credit:  Antonio Felleca

Porto Ercole has a sea promenade lined with fishermen's cottages, and along the coast there are both sandy and rocky beaches.

To fully enjoy the coast of Porto Ercole, it is a good idea is to rent a raft or a small boat so you can explore the many coves and choose the one you prefer. You can choose between Acqua Fresca, Spiaggia Lunga, Le Viste and La Feniglia. 

Marina di Alberese
Marina di Alberese
Marina di Alberese- Credit:  Gorupka

Marina di Alberese is a grey sandy beach with dense Mediterranean scrub that stretches for over seven kilometres but after a couple of kilometres, you can reach the nudist section … just to let you know!

There's one mobile bar at the car park, but no place to buy food on the beach so be sure to have a lunch! 

This article was originally written by Serena Puosi.

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