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The Houses of Remembrance in Tuscany
A unique itinerary into the past to meet leading figures

Tuscany is a land that’s high in the charm stakes that even bewitched history’s greats. Poets, artists, musicians and writers enjoyed deep ties with this land, living and drawing inspiration from Tuscany. The places where they lived are an invaluable treasure trove, which is the reason why they warrant a visit, a historical journey of remembrance

They are known as “Case della Memoria”, or “houses of remembrance” in English, 69 house museums (which can be found throughout Italy) that detail an intense world of relations and people who came to Tuscany. At each house museum visitors can enjoy guided tours, educational workshops, talks, seminars and exhibitions, as well as admiring the permanent displays.

- Credit:  R. Degli Innocenti

Tuscany is home to many houses of remembrance. The Florence area is a hotbed of homes once belonging to great medieval and Renaissance artists as well as houses once inhabited by more recent public figures like former minister Rodolfo Siviero, whose home was turned into a regional museum (free to visitors), and the architect Giovanni Michelucci, poet Giovanni Pascoli’s house in Barga, politician Giuseppe Mazzini’s home near Pisa, and many more such as musician Ferruccio Busoni’s house in Empoli, Villa Puccini in Torre del LagoCasa Tintori in Prato and Casa Guerrazzi in Cecina.

In Florence there’s an abundance of leading collectors who made the history books. Check out the Stibbert Museum, the Horne Museum and the Stefano Bardini Museum.

At Leonardo's Birthplace- Credit:  Francisco Schmidt

Art lovers simply have to pay a visit to Florence’s Casa BuonarrotiVicchio’s Casa GiottoCasa Leonardo in Anchiano near VinciEmpoli’s Casa Pontormo and Fiesole’s Fondazione Michelucci. In Valdarno and in the Arezzo area, we find Casa MasaccioCasa Vasari in ArezzoCasa Venturino Venturi in Loro Ciuffenna and Michelangelo Buonarroti House Museum (headquarters of the museum of the same name) in Caprese Michelangelo.

Villa Caruso in Lastra a Signa is priceless, the estate so dear to the famous tenor who made Tuscany great. While we’re on the subject of “greats”, let’s not forget the Dante House Museum and Casa Carducci.

Our itinerary ends with Prato’s Palazzo Datini and Pienza’s Palazzo Piccolomini.

Find out more about all the “Case della Memoria”: casedellamemoria.it

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