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Debora Ciolli's art
Piombino, Porto Azzurro and sea-inspired crafts
Ceramics, glass and cast iron sculptures

At the point where Tuscany dives into the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea,  the art of shaping glass, ceramics and iron takes on totally different forms and colours than what is found inland. The craft traditions between Piombino and the nearby island of Elba have constantly interacted with the sea for thousands of years and taken inspiration from it.

Water offers its very own combinations of colours and form, as well as sensations that “sea artists” convert into truly unique works of art.

Discover the craft products between Campiglia Marittima, Piombino and Porto Azzurro

Based between Populonia and Campiglia Marittima, Laura Pesce plays with the Murano glass and with the colours in a very original way. Her artworks explore the many facets of sculpture-painting and from time to time resemble mysterious and iridescent sea creatures.

Debora Ciolli established her atelier in Piombino, right in front of the sea. Her handmade ceramic sculptures take inspiration from the strong colours of the Mediterranean sea and from the Tuscan countryside. Fun fact, she also makes good use of beached driftwoods and other recycled materials.

Reflections of mother of pearl, seashells, stones taken from the salt and backwash are the leading characters in the  Livia de Montis' ceramics. Livia de Montis set her headquarters in the irresistible scenery of Porto Azzurro, Elba Island.

Artworks from this area cherish the colourful nuances of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the iridescence of fish eyes and their scales, the facets of the languid algae, coral and nacre.

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