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Photo ©Museo Leonardiano
Getting married at a museum: ideas for weddings in Tuscany
Leonardo Museum or Pontormo’s House-Museum? Fiesole’s Archaeological Area or Montespertoli’s Centre for Wine Culture? Choose the location you prefer and organize the perfect wedding!

Looking for an original location for your wedding? Tuscany offers countless solutions for your big day: villas, castles, luxury resorts and more! Here we list the museums that enable couples to marry in a truly special place.

Museo Leonardiano, Vinci
- Credit:  Toscana nel cuore

Vinci, Leonardo’s birthplace, allows couples to celebrate a civil wedding in places associated with the life and times of the town’s beloved son. At the Museo Leonardiano, parties can be held under Leonardo’s striking wing, at the Conti Guidi castle or at Palazzina Uzielli.

Leonardo’s House Museum, Anchiano

If you’re a Leonardo fanatic, get married at Leonardo’s House Museum near Anchiano, only 3 km from Vinci. Say yes surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and breathtaking views over the Montalbano hills!

Ceramics Museum, Calcinaia

The Coccapani Ceramics Museum, in Calcinaia, allows visitors to discover the art of pottery through the presentation of tools, techniques and decoration. The kilns make this museum in Calcinaia a unique and extraordinary place, which offers a blend of old materials, structures and architectural features: the perfect place for a wedding imbued with history and culture.

Archaeological Area, Fiesole
- Credit:  Noemi Coen

The impressive Archaeological Area in Fiesole, with its terrace and Roman amphitheatre, holds weddings in the spring and summer, from April to September.

Museum of Sacred Art, Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima’s Museum of Sacred Art is available. The museum houses unique artefacts dating to the 1300s and 1400s. Enter wedlock by the wooden crucifix and original wooden sculptures by Giovanni Pisano, Pietro Lorenzetti’s crucifix and Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s painted Maestà.

Civic Museum, Siena

The Sala del Concistoro, in Siena’s Civic Museum, provides a romantic and beautiful setting for your nuptials. This room once held meetings of the republican government and is accessed through a magnificent 15th-century doorway believed to be by Rossellino. One of the masterpieces of Italian mannerism is immediately on display, a fresco cycle with examples of public virtue taken from Greek and Roman history, painted by Domenico Beccafumi between 1529 and 1535.

Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, Livorno
Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, Livorno
Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, Livorno- Credit:  Etienne

If you prefer a location closer to the sea, head for Livorno’s Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum, in the 19th-century Villa Mameli. The museum houses works by local artists such as Fattori, Corcos and Nomellini) and others (Lega, Signorini and Boldini). Weddings are held in the Hall of Mirrors.

I Lecci Wine Culture Centre, Montespertoli

Saying yes in a vineyard is a dream come true at the I Lecci Wine Culture Centre in Montespertoli, where guests can learn about the winemaking, from grape growing to vinification and bottling. You can get married surrounded by barrels, barriques and vats.

Glass Museum, Empoli

If you love local handicrafts, consider marrying at Empoli’s Glass Museum, in a former salt warehouse, surrounded by green glasses, jugs and vases.

Pontormo’s House Museum
- Credit:  Casa Pontormo - George Tatge

Empoli is also the location of painter Jacopo Carrucci’s house museum, better known as Pontormo. The rooms where one of the greatest Mannerism artists was born in 1494 set the scene for your wedding.

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