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Holiday sports: from swimming to trekking
Many ideas for living the adventure in Tuscany under the sun

With the arrival of summer, the sun begins to shine once again and the heat makes it the perfect time for a vacation. Taking time off will allow you to discover a paradise in the open air, from the sea to the mountains, there is much to be explored in Tuscany. The passionate athletes can choose from a plethora of sports, from cycling to horseback riding or even extreme disciplines, with plenty of opportunities to combine tourism with physical activity. 

A desire to take a breath of fresh air pairs perfectly with the discovery of the territory in its deepest soul: the food. In fact, it will not be difficult to find a restaurant where you can taste typical local dishes and flavors, after a day of strenuous activity or even venture into places full of art and history. In every corner and crevice, from churches to museums or even the small cobblestone streets, the scenery will reveal its precious jewels, offering views that take your breath away.

Water sports
kayaking around Elba Island- Credit:  ViviCapoliveri

The Tuscan coast is a perfect place to practice water sports with a clear, blue sea that blends with a bright, blue sky, where white sandy beaches dot the coast and lead up to rocky coves, pleasure resorts and fishing villages. There are so many ways to experience the sea in the region, whatever your holiday, you will find ways to enjoy your passions in Tuscany.

Elba Island, for those not sufficiently satisfied with swimming and sun tanning, has many opportunities to avoid boredom under the umbrella. Portoferraio, Campo nell’Elba, Capoliveri and Porto Azzurro are all ideal towns for lovers of scuba diving and kayaking and feature colorful backdrops and hidden coves. For those born with a board beneath their feet or for those who long for dancing under the stars, Versilia and the Etruscan coast are ideal places to visit and feature surfing, windsurfing and plenty of fun after the sunset.

Equestrian Tourism

To get away from noise and chaos, immerse yourself in nature and a horse makes for the perfect companion. The horse trails of Tuscany offer excursions that cross unforgettable scenery including the Park of Maremma, the woods of Monte Amiata and the ridges of the Alps, all places waiting for your visit in all of their magnificence.

Elba Golf Acquabona

Stretches of lush, green lawns and exclusive clubs will open their doors for all lovers of golf. With over 28 green fields scattered across Tuscany, golf is the ideal sport for the holidays, not just for the players but for the whole family, as these fields are often just a short distance from the city centers; moreover, visitors can indulge in a bit of relaxation immersed in nature at some of the most renowned spas and after, visit the nearby cities and see some of the world’s most famous art.

Stickers along the Via Francigena

Walking is essential in discovering a place, whether it’s urban trekking in the historic centers of Florence and Siena, on the trails off Via Francigena or climbing the highest peaks of the Tuscan slopes, every step elicits deep emotion. The WWF Oasis offers historical paths adapted for each person’s individual capacity, allowing everyone to experience an unforgettable trip. The Walking Festival is a splendid opportunity to learn about initiatives and excursions throughout all the parks in Tuscany.

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