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Hiking routes in the Lunigiana parks
From the Apuan Alps to the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines, exploring breath-taking sceneries.
For mountain lovers, there is a whole range of nature sports to play along the loveliest routes in the Lunigiana parks.
If you like trekking this article will show you some delightful and even spiritual routes into nature, where you'll discover the beauty of Pizzo d'Uccello mountain and you'll reach some small hidden towns like Vinca and Camporaghena.
In the Apuan Alps regional park
Pizzo d'Uccello view from the top of Sagro's mountain
Pizzo d'Uccello view from the top of Sagro's mountain- Credit:  Lost Route
Views from the Apuan summits
A hike in one of the most extraordinary mountain chains in Italy, a few kilometres from the sea, with a visit to the hamlet of Vinca, before continuing along the trail that climbs up among the chestnut trees, conifers the typical rocky nature of the Apuan Alps, as far as Foce Rasori, which offers a delightful window on the surrounding landscape, at the foot of Monte Grondilice. You can continue along a trail that leads to Foce di Giovo (the Giovo river mouth), at the bottom of the south side of Pizzo d’Uccello, a popular destination for expert climbers due to the steepness of its faces. Finally, you can drop down between an alpine pasture and the ruins of huts at Giovo up to Vinca.
The Hermits’ Way
This delightful route into nature inspired the spiritual search of the builders who made the hermitage. It's a guided trek that starts from the small town of Vinca and carries on along a scenic mule trail, which offers views of sheer beauty. Then it climbs up to reach the northerly buttress of Pizzo d’Uccello, where the remains of a hermitage can be found. The trek drops down as far as the remains of Castellaccio (which dominates the small town of Monzone) before returning to the mule track for Vinca.
In the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine national park
Camporaghena- Credit:  Federico Rossetti
The grassland of Camporaghena
One day from Sassalbo to Camporaghena will make you discover the old greenland and its several typical species. The trek runs alongside the "vena di gesso" (it once was a quarry) on the rocky north side of the small hamlet of Sassalbo. You can reach the grassland of Camporaghena, where the karst phenomena are still visible. You can visit the hamlet of Camporaghena with its sandstone, and then you can return to Sassalbo following an easy ring route.

Vallone dell’Inferno:
the realm of the wolf
A guided hike in Vallone dell’Inferno, a fascinating circle that was glacial in origin, home to wolves. The trail begins in the old hamlet of Sassalbo and continues along one of the historical streets in the Lunigiana area, the Via Modenese that connected the sea and the city of Modena, through chestnut woods. You can reach “Le Fosse” wetlands and then climb up through age-old oak woods as far as Bivacco Rosaro, near the the source of the River Rosaro. Drop down to the Passo del Cerreto and you’ll be back at Sassalbo.
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