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Apuan Alps
Hiking in Garfagnana: Tuscan trails
Hiking through nature, history and tradition

A network of walking routes maintained by Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) runs through Serchio Valley, allowing you to reach the most interesting places in the Apuan Alps from some of the highest towns in the valley. Below are brief descriptions of the most interesting routes.

Garfagnana Hiking Tour
Apuan Alps from Minucciano
Apuan Alps from Minucciano- Credit:  verseguru

The Garfagnana Hiking tour, starting in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, is arranged into a nine-day loop, with routes that can be walked in a day, connecting the most significant and beautiful places of the Garfagnana mountains, along both the Apennine and Apuan sides. Route information and guides are available at the Tourist office.

More information at: trekking.garfagnana.eu

The Airone trails
Botanical Garden in Corfino
Botanical Garden in Corfino- Credit:  Shutterstock / Francesco De Marco

Marked by yellow-blue signs, the Airone trails consist of three routes that explore the Orecchiella Park on foot. The Airone trail 1 leads to the characteristic alpine pasture in Campaiana and on to the summit of Pania di Corfino. Airone trail 2 leads to the Prati di Ripa, rich in flora during spring, and then travels along to the Rimonio River. Airone trail 3 is a two-day excursion that treks up to Monte Prado, the highest peak in Tuscany, and the Bargetana Lake on the Modena Apennine side. All routes start from the Visitors’ Center in the Orecchiella Park.

More information at: parcoappennino.it

The Moro Trails

Set in the charming village of Sillico, a network of short trails, including the 40-minute Rogazioni path, explore the surrounding area while remaining close to and often passing through the village. Alternatively, you can spend a whole day discovering the area on an extended six-hour trek. All routes are marked by white-blue signs and are accessible throughout the year. Cultural activities and guided walks are also offered by the Cultural association, Le Terre del Moro.

Vie della Contessa
Verrucole Fortress
Verrucole Fortress- Credit:  Shutterstock / Roberto Nencini

The Vie della Contessa consists of a network of ring routes that provide a tour of the most impressive parts of the valley where source of the Serchio River is located. Take note: “La Via delle Acque” can be inaccessible in rainy weather and “L’anello della Contessa” is treacherous in the winter and only to be attempted by experts with snow equipment.

Campocatino Nature Track
The village of Vagli Sotto
The village of Vagli Sotto- Credit:  Shutterstock.com / robertonencini

This ring route traces the entire Campocatino basin, formed during the Ice Age. First passing through once cultivated terraced fields, with their caselli, local pastoral huts, the walk reaches the beech-wood trees at the foot of the Mount Roccandagia. Following a dirt trail back to Campocatino, the route diverges onto a mule track for a side-excursion down to the San Viano Hermitage, built into part of an overhanging rock wall (the hermitage can also be reached from the pastures). The route starts in Campocatino which can be reached from Vagli or Gramolazzo.

The Ariosto trail
Castelnuovo Garfagnana
Castelnuovo Garfagnana- Credit:  Shutterstock / Roberto Lo Savio

The Ariosto trail is an easy route from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. which heads to the Montalfonso Fortress and passes through vineyards, woods and cultivated fields, and includes breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, improved by recent renovation work on the fortress. This route starts from via Azzi in the center of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.

The Gothic Line trails
The Gothic Line in Borgo a Mozzano
The Gothic Line in Borgo a Mozzano- Credit:  Comitato Linea Gotica Borgo a Mozzano

The Gothic Line trails are made up of five routes starting in Borgo a Mozzano that explore the network of tunnels, bunkers and anti-tank barricades of the Gothic Line, a defensive front line constructed during World War II by the Organisation Todt.

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