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Garfagnana’s blue heritage
The ceaseless flow of rivers and streams has made this land a true spectacle of nature, to be enjoyed by immersing yourself in its unspoilt landscapes

A majestic and untouched nature that inspired the imagination of artists and great poets, a nature rich in biodiversity and the most varied landscapes. The Garfagnana and Mid Serchio Valley is a green pearl set among peaks that can reach up to 2000m above sea level, but most importantly, it is radiated with waterways, often crystal clear and deep blue, responsible for its lushness. Green and blue are the main colours of this land that border Tuscany and the imagination. Unspoilt places of unexpected and rare beauty, to be unearthed even in a weekend, where water is the protagonist and architect of habitats with a naturalistic and scenic value.

There are many rivers and streams that spread through the Garfagnana, offering breathtaking, natural panoramas and itineraries that lead to the discovery of its enchanting nature.

The Serchio
Kayaking along the stretches of water of the Garfagnana

The ‘water prince’ of this land; the third longest river in Tuscany at 111km and the second in terms of flow rate after the Arno. It flows from Sillano to Gallicano, crossing the Garfagnana from north to south, making a great contribution to its landscapes and forming the well-known Serchio Valley. It ends its course near Marina di Vecchiano, in the Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli, emptying into the Ligurian waters.

The Serchio offers refreshing days of pure relaxation on the small beach of its river park, a green area of aggregation, which is also ideal for outdoor experiences ranging from trekking, cycling or horse riding to canoeing or kayaking.

The Lima
Rafting on the Lima River

With its torrential character and clear, cool waters, the Lima torrent springs up near Abetone, then travels through the territory of Lucca and into the Serchio. Along its foaming course, it forms the Lima Valley and spectacular landscapes with alternating springs, limestone gorges and natural pools such as the Blue Lagoon, a deep blue basin of water. At Cocciglia it is possible to experience the wild and rugged gorges in a unique way thanks to Canyon Park, the Lima Valley adventure park, which offers many outdoor activities including ziplining, yoga, ‘SUP’, slacklining and of course kayaking and rafting. Also, the torrent is devoted in many of its stretches to kayaking and rafting, for adventures and paddles of varying degrees of difficulty and guaranteed fun.

Rio Selvano
Canyoning in the gorges of Rio Selvano

If there is one place in Tuscany that comes closest to Eden, it is surely the environment shaped by the Rio Selvano. It makes its way through the lush vegetation, forming narrow gorges, slides and jumps of up to 8m and more in height, The gorge, created by over millions of years of erosion, is a paradise for canyoning enthusiasts. Both for the more experienced and for those who are new to the sport but want to take a dive into nature, accompanied by expert guides ready to provide a unique adventure. A place to explore with the water to your knees and your nose to the sky, allowing yourself to be pervaded by the wild atmosphere in which you are immersed and enjoying the exceptional place in which you find yourself.

Rio Pelago and the Orrido di Botri
Outdoor adventures on rushing waterways

The Rio Pelago, with its modest flow rate but impetuous character, springs from the confluence of the Mariana and Ribellino streams and flows along the Apennine flanks of Monte Rondinaio and Alpe Tre Potenze. It gives Tuscany its largest and deepest canyon, the Orrido di Botri. With its sheer rock faces that can reach 200m in height in some places and an unspoilt nature, it really is a nature reserve. A harsh and spectacular environment that inspired Dante to shape his hellish landscapes, and all to be discovered by canyoning. The ascent of the river bed, surrounded by a majestic and amazing nature, is also suitable for beginners, starting from Ponte a Gaio, while the complete alpine descent is for the experts.

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