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Florence Marathon
Run along the 42 kilometers and 195 meters of the Florence Marathon surrounded by centuries of art, history and culture

Running a marathon is something you normally don't forget: it requires strength, hard work, and good physical and mental conditions in order to do one's best while testing one's limit.

The experience can be even more unforgettable if we are talking about a marathon in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities of the world. A few years back we talked to Simon O'Dwyer (the ethical runner): he was running the Florence Marathon for the first time and as soon as he got back home from Tuscany he wrote us:

What a super day, thank you Florence for a great race! We had a fantastic weekend with great food and wine, and our hosts at our guesthouse Residenza Il Villino were very welcoming (even when i asked for breakfast at 6am!) I finished in 2hours and 58 minutes! So i returned home to Ireland happy with my time but sad to be leaving Florence.

In 2017, the Florence Marathon is taking place on November 26. Athletes wishing to participate must be 18 years of age by the date of the event and must be members of a national federation affiliated with IAAF, or in possession of a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports.

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