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Photo ©Museo Archeologico del Casentino
Archeological Museum of Casentino
Museums and archaeological areas for family and kids
Educational proposals to discover the Tuscan history through a family trip

There is plenty to offer those travelling with young ones in Tuscany. Between workshops organised for families and interactive materials for the littlest of visitors, museums and archaeological areas in Tuscany really know how to keep everyone entertained. This is a guide taking you through Tuscany with the ones not to miss.

Statue Stele Museum- Credit:  Franco Beccari

The Museum of the Lunigiana Stele Statues is a unique experience that children will never forget. Located in the Castle of Piagnaro, Pontremoli, at the very tip of Tuscany, the 10th century castle hosts an impressive collection of 3,000-year-old statues. Their workshops for kids and families extend beyond this subject, however, with a journey of discovery through the castle, exciting children with tales of magic, treasure and adventure.

Cathedral of Lucca- Credit:  Allan Parsons

A sure place to visit with kids, the Cathedral Museum in Lucca has a range of educational classes for all age groups. For the youngest, the fables and history of the museum will be explained in an interesting way. For older ones, the focus is more connected to the cathedral and the archaeological area, engaging their curiosity and instilling them with an appreciation for all things historical. There are also guided tours for the whole family so you can all learn together.

Another interesting option in Lucca is the Museum of Comics and Imagery. Children will be thrilled by the illustrations and comics, the oldest of which is from 1880. Not only that, but some of the very first drawings of Mickey Mouse are also to be found.

Chianti and Val di Chiana
Archaeological Museum of Senese Chianti

The Archaeological Museum of Senese Chianti is based at the Montecalvario excavation site and details the history of the Chianti area. Looking from when the Etruscan aristocracy ruled the Chianti area to the emergence of the Florentine republic, the museum explores Chianti’s rich history and also provides helpful and fun apps so kids can take their learning home with them.

In Chiusi, you will find the “Underground City” Civic Museum with mesmerising archaeological grounds and excavational finds. Both sites offer guided visits for families on reservation.

Maremma area

The Maremma Archaeology and Art Museum is another perfect opportunity for a family day of learning together. A truly memorable and fun day out is ensured with the ‘Larth Game’ which involves the whole ground floor of the museum being transformed into a giant boardgame where children are divided into teams and have to answer riddles and questions in order to progress. A treasure hunt is another great activity offered here.

Vetulonia has another place of interest for all those seeking to enrich young minds. The Isidoro Falchi Civic Archaeological Museum teaches children about archaeology and stratigraphy, even letting them try it for themselves in a simulated excavation. Named after Isidoro Falchi, the archaeologist who discovered the Etruscan city of Vetulonia in the 19th century, the museum holds a treasure hunt, much to the excitement of kids looking to discover all the mysteries lying in front of them.


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