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Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio
5 unusual itineraries to discover Florence and Tuscany
Explore our beautiful Tuscany from a new and original point of view

Solve a mysterious murder set in the sixteenth century, chase the tracks of Professor Robert Langdon, the main character of the last best-selling novel by Dan Brown, have a wine tasting riding a quad bike or chasing old ghosts. What do these curious experiences have in common? They are all unusual itineraries and tours to explore our beautiful Tuscany from a new and original point of view. Here are some ideas for a different experience of this magical land.

Palazzo Vecchio through the eyes of Dan Brown
Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio- Credit:  Marco

Discover the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence following "Hell", the Dan Brown novel set in the city. We propose a route in steps, which covers all the salient places, and the most important monuments, which have been the scenery for the realization of the film, discover the route.

Solve a crime
- Credit:  Roberta Ristori

Solve a crime set in the Renaissance and get to know the main monuments of the historical centre of Florence in six hours. The tour operator Accord organizes the "Historical whodunit tour" in collaboration with the "Compagnia del Giallo". It’s the Renaissance and there is a murder that involves Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Machiavelli; "detective-travellers" have to reveal the murder by chasing clues in the main buildings and monuments of Florence.

Mix great food and a good dose of adventure
Quad Toscana
Quad Toscana- Credit:  M needs a doctor

Taste the great wines and the traditional desserts of Tuscany, but with a good dose of adventure. This is the offer of Crazy Quad Toscana, which accompanies tourists around the beautiful landscapes around Arezzo riding a quad bike.

Sail the Arno river
- Credit:  Florence and Tuscany Tours

Sail the waters of the Arno River in the magical light of the sunset on a vintage ship driven with a pole. The tour is organized by Florence and Tuscany Tours.

Travel in a carriage
Carriage in Florence
Carriage in Florence- Credit:  Giuseppe Moscato

For "slow travel" lovers there is "Toscana in Carrozza" with short and long offers. You can choose between a night in the historic centre of Florence or a trip to Siena, all created to live the magical atmosphere of the past with the slow pace of the horses that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of our region.

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