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10 things to do for a romantic summer in Tuscany!
Warm summer nights, hot springs and postcard-perfect views make for a dreamy holiday with your beloved

It’s no secret that Tuscany is just the ticket for a romantic holiday with your sweetheart. With villages frozen in time, horse-drawn carriages and an endless array of spa resorts to choose from, you and your beloved are bound to have the time of your lives as you soak up the Tuscan sun and enjoy each other’s company.

Horse-drawn carriage rides
Horse-drawn carriage ride in Florence
Horse-drawn carriage ride in Florence- Credit:  Ray in Manila

Cities like Florence and Pisa are famous for their horse-drawn carriages which wind through the narrow streets, visiting sites like piazza del Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. These are a different way to see the city, not to mention fun and romantic, perfect for creating lifelong memories!

Pienza’s love-inspired street names
Pienza- Credit:  jean françois bonachera

Pienza, a Renaissance jewelnot far from Siena, boasts roads with romantic names like Love Street, Kiss Street and Fortune Street, so take your beloved by the hand and go for a walk through these winding, romantic alleys. The street names aren’t the only references to love in the city, however: film director Franco Zeffirelli chose Pienza in 1968 as the set of his adaptation of the greatest love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet.

A cruise down the Arno River
River Arno in Pisa and the Santa Maria della Spina Church
River Arno in Pisa and the Santa Maria della Spina Church- Credit:  Ray in Manila

If you still want to see Florence and Pisa from a different perspective, you can try a cruise on the Arno, allowing you to enjoy the historic buildings and monuments of these centuries-old cities as you glide down the river. And if you really want to up the romance, take a cruise at sunset ;-)

A Vespa ride through the hills
A Vespa ride through the hills
A Vespa ride through the hills- Credit:  Michela Simoncini

Another way to enjoy Tuscany is on two wheels! Vespas are one of Italy’s best-known symbols: imagine driving one of these pieces of history through the Tuscan hills… Is there really anything better?

The Golden Tree in Lucignano

Lucignano, in the Valdichiana, between Siena and Arezzo, is small but mighty: one of Tuscany’s most extraordinary examples of medieval urban planning, the town is famous for romance. It’s called the “Village of Love” thanks to its civic museum, home to a golden tree that took 120 years to make. At some point, people started to believe that the tree had magical powers that made love last. Lovers used to go there to promise their love and fidelity to one another before marriage, or, after a long period of suffering and misfortune, they went there to pray for a solution to their problems.

Hot springs for two
Fonte Pura Hotel Saturno in Saturnia
Fonte Pura Hotel Saturno in Saturnia- Credit:  hotelsaturnofontepura.com

Tuscany is home to many spas resorts, but there are also a host of free pools and waterfalls boasting natural thermal waters, including Saturnia, Bagno Vignoni, Petriolo and Bagni San Filippo. What could be more romantic than a massage for two and a dip in the pool together?

Lovers' Lighthouse

Have you ever been to the Isola del Giglio? It's one of the most romantic islands in the Tuscan Archipelago and, immersed in its pine forest, you’ll find the "lovers' lighthouse," where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the waves breaking on the coast and the peace of being along in each other’s presence.

Lido di Camaiore and the pier in Forte dei Marmi
Lido di Camaiore
Lido di Camaiore- Credit:  Franz Rossman

Another tip for beach and sea lovers: stop to watch the sunset from Lido di Camaiore or the pier in Forte dei Marmi. It's something unique, and you’ll feel as if you could touch the horizon...

A kiss on Ponte Vecchio in Florence
- Credit:  melindagallo

Ponte Vecchio is one of the most romantic places in Florence and it is also the Arno’s oldest crossing. It was, in fact, the only bridge in Florence not to be blown up by the Germans during World War II.

A glass of Tuscan wine… everywhere!
Wine in Tuscany
Wine in Tuscany- Credit:  Ruffino

Last but not least, there’s the wine! We’re in Tuscany, after all! Whether you’re in the city, relaxing pool side, watching the sun dip below the horizon as you watch from the beach or strolling through a quaint medieval village, there’s wine to be had at every turn. So order a glass and enjoy the oldest and most romantic Italian tradition of all.

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