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"Di segni e di sogni" by Lorenzo Marini
From  20 Jul 2021  to  20 Oct 2021
A multi-sited journey through installations and liberated letters

In Siena from July 20 to October 20, the Santa Maria della Scala Museum Complex hosts the Lorenzo Marini exhibition titled 'Di segni e di sogni' (Of signs and dreams). This is not a traditional exhibition but a travelling journey through five installations, the last of which is in Piazza del Campo. The central theme of the project is the creative interpretation of the lettere liberate, in their most disparate linguistic dimensions. Following the important exhibition held in Venice at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, the unpublished works at the Gaggenau hub in Milan, and the one-man show that's still in progress at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, Siena hosts an exhibition that celebrates the artistic career of the creator of the “TypeArt” trend, definitively freeing the letters. 

The exhibition consists of five “moments”, including a solo show in the San Pio room with 22 mixed media works on canvas, which includes the initial research on typing and alphabets. The other five installations represent visual stories of the recreated alphabet, featuring the mirrored steel "MirrorType" installation in the Cappella del Manto, and the monolith in the Sant'Ansano room that turns on and off after centuries of silence. There's also a representation of the QWERTY keyboard that's made one hundred times larger, and a 'rain' of six thousand letters that are suspended between the vaults of the San Galgano room. These immersive installations include a soundtrack that was especially created by Mariella Nava, one of the most refined composers of Italian music. 

Finally, the artist also wanted to pay homage to Piazza del Campo through a decomposed alphabet made of 35 circular types that can be crossed and walked upon. The work is completed by means of the active public who are not merely spectators.

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From 20 July 2021 to 20 October 2021
start 10:00  end  19:00 

Santa Maria della Scala, Piazza del Duomo, Siena, SI, Italia
Starting from9€
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