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"Dante Vivo" series of conferences
From  14 Sep 2021  to  14 Dec 2021
Held at the Forteguerriana Library for the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet

Between September and December, a cycle of conferences dedicated to Dante will be held at the Sala Gatteschi of the Forteguerriana Library in Pistoia

Here are the events, which start at 5 pm.

September 14
Guided tour of the exhibition "Dante vivo" with the curator, Chiara Murru.

September 21
Dante and surroundings.
Studies and texts by Giancarlo Savino preserved in the Forteguerriana Library, edited by Francesca Rafanelli.

October 5
Dante and national identity.
The Dante Alighieri society, curated by Giampaolo Perugi.

October 19
The Dante exhibition in the cathedral, curated by Anna Agostini.

November 9
How the Comedy became a book.
From manuscripts to the first print, curated by Stefano Zamponi.

November 23
Traveling with Dante: from the fantastic journey beyond the world of the Comedy to the Supreme Poet's travels around Italy, a board game to get closer to one of the founding texts of literature, curated by Ginevra Ballati and Iacopo Cassigoli.

December 4
Dante, Cino and Pistoia in the words of Gabriele D'Annunzio, curated by Ginevra Ballati and Iacopo Cassigoli (at Palazzo dei Vescovi).

December 14
The Divine Comedy: words and images for the present, curated by Giovanni Capecchi.

There are a limited number of places available. 
To participate, a Covid-19 green certification is required.

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From 14 September 2021 to 14 December 2021
Note: the conference on December 4th will be held at the Palazzo dei Vescovi
Biblioteca Comunale Forteguerriana, Piazza della Sapienza, Pistoia, PT, Italia
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