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Zum Zeri - snow
The Perfect destination for rediscovering the silence of the hills in the Lunigiana

Despite its vast scale, the area of Zeri is marked by a strong identity, a perfect destination for lovers of the peace and quiet of the mountains. Here, the pace of normal life fades into the lush, green countryside, where prized cattle and oxen graze peacefully on the hilly terrain. On the border of Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia, Zeri waits to be explored, its small hamlets blanketing the valleys of the upper Lunigiana. It’s sure to offer a perfect mix of relaxation, history, local cuisine and sport, not to mention a splash of mystery.

The best attraction of the area is certainly the alpine town of Formentara, a centuries-old settlement over 1100 m above sea level that dates to the beginning of the 16th century.  The tiny town is made up of about twenty houses, built in stone with piagne roofs, or large flat stones. Today, the town is deserted, although it continues to attract archeological digs and research: an evocative gem that immerses visitors in a veil of mystery with echoes of (almost) lost traditions floating in the air.

In the realm of natural wonders, the area boasts the Colombara waterfall, close to the town road for Bosco where in the summer you can enjoy stunning plays of light and shadow. Don’t miss Rumori Bridge, which hovers over a plunging canal tied to dark, local legends. According to local tales, a possessed body was thrown into these waters and continued screaming even after his death. Some still claim to hear screams and the sound of clanking chains emerging from the water.

Supernatural enthusiasts will also enjoy the small village of Montelama, also known as the village of wizards. This small town is famous for having birthed several residents with supernatural abilities, such as transforming humans into animals. Who knows what really gave way to all of these legends, though you can’t deny the hint of magic in the air.

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