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Serravalle Pistoiese
Serravalle Pistoiese
A historic castle in the Montalbano territory

Serravalle still conserves its typical medieval layout, located in a strategic position to watch over the surrounding countryside. It can be found on the eastern side of Montalbano, a territory with forested hills crisscrossed by trails waiting to be explored.

On the sides of these hills, from one village to the next, there are stretches of olive groves, making this area a vital part of the Montalbano Olive Oil and Wine Trail, an itinerary that invites visitors to discover the flavours of a good Tuscan meal.

A town long fought over between Florence, Lucca and Pistoia, Serravalle conserves two elements that recall the history of this fortified village: the ruins of two strongholds on either side of the town. These are the limestone Barbarossa Tower and the Castruccio-era fortress, now known as the Rocca Nuova. The latter has a unique triangular shape, with a hexagonal tower, atop which the view is extraordinary. In the past, these two structures were connected by a walkway that was part of the defense walls. Only a few stretches of the walls remain, including Porta della Gabella, facing a road leading to its namesake village, which, as the name suggests, was a customs centre.

Serravalle is also interesting for its hamlets, spread throughout the surrounding area, each one unique in its own way. These include Cantagrillo, Casalguidi, Castellina and Vinacciano, home to interesting buildings, like elegant villages immersed in nature and boasting views of the valleys below.

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