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A small historic village encompassing the ruins of an ancient Adolbrandeschi fortress

Semproniano is the southernmost town in the Amiata region, the gateway to the volcano for those travelling from Saturnia and further south from Aurelia.

A feudom of the Aldobrandeschi family before the year 1000, it then passed under the control of Siena in the mid-fourteenth century and, finally, after a brief interlude with the Spaniards, it became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Semproniano combines the charm of a picturesque village with the beauty of the most authentic and wild nature, as evidenced by the nature reserves in its surroundings, the rivers, the botanical peculiarities.

The area is truly rich in history, traditions, typicality and exciting scenarios.

The historic centre of Semproniano, tightly surrounding the few ruins of the Aldobrandeschi Fortress, can be explored on a pleasant walk along the steep streets, often covered in steps.

The fortress, owned by the Aldobrandeschi family, began to be built in the mid-9th century for defense purposes. All that remains of the austere castle are a few sections of the walls, which are adjacent to the Romanesque Church of Santa Croce. Further down, you’ll find the Oratory of San Rocco and the Parish Church of San Vincenzo e San Anastasio, which preserves various canvas paintings from the 17th century and an intriguing font in the shape of a hand.

From the centre of the village, a windy asphalt road descends to a bridge over the Albegna, proceeding in the direction of Saturnia. After following it for some time, you will likely arrive and tread through the fields at the source of the Straits of Albegna, the most evocative in the Maremma, where you can even swim in summertime.

In Fibbianello, a small farm overlooking the Albegna, botanical enthusiasts can admire a real and proper gem- the biggest olive tree in the Amiata, a thousand-year-old giant, 22 metres tall and able to produce 800 kilograms of olives with every harvest – also known as the Olivone of Fibbianello.

Parallel to the Albegna, the Fiora flows toward the south, the most renown waterway of the Maremma slope. Its valley is more rugged and imposing compared to that of the Albegna, and its water is heavily reduced due to purification at the source. Westwards, the valley is dominated by the limestone cliff of Cellena, with its namesake village situated at the base.

A windy narrow road offers a nice view of the centre of the town, bringing you shortly to the village of Rochette di Fazio, another small gem in the Amiata region. With its old houses dominated by the stump of the Aldobrandeschi Fortress and defended by an imposing limestone wall, Rochette deserves an attentive visit. In the residential area, there are the Porta del CastelloPalazzo Pretorio and the Ospedale di San Bartolomeo, established in 1330.

Along a stretch of the Albegna river there is the Bosco Rocconi Nature Reserve with its rugged and wild nature, high rock walls and caves, such as the “Crepaccio Rocconi”. The WWF Bosco Rocconi Oasis is included within the Reserve.

Part of Semproniano’s territory falls within the production areas of Morellino di Scansano DOCG, the most typical of the Maremma’s red wines, produced in the hilly province of Grosseto just between the Ombrone and Albegna rivers.

Continuing on this theme of wine, Semproniano is also part of the Maremma Hills Wine and Food Trail, located in the south-eastern part of Grosseto. The road is one of the longest in Italy, running from the sea to the hills right up to the Monte Amiata slopes.

Lastly, the Montecucco Wine and Amiata Food Trail also passes through here, linking varied - but also historically united in flavour – products, along with enchanting views and artistic marvels.

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