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Rocca of Sambuca Pistoiese
Sambuca Pistoiese
A mountain best explored through its trails, fortresses and tranquil parish churches surrounded by nature

The territory around Sambuca Pistoiese is a wonderful borderland, bestowed with the best of both Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Encircled by a mountain landscape made of forests, shaded valleys and rivers, the area is best explored through its trails, castles and tranquil parish churches surrounded by nature, boasting an atmosphere that reveals an incredible palette of different colours in every season.

Sambuca Pistoiese is the perfect destination for those who love immersing themselves in nature. Here, it’s easy to have a refreshing – not to mention free – experience, simply breathing in lungfuls of fresh, mountain air and drinking from springs of the purest water. 

What to see in Sambuca Pistoiese

It’s wonderful to hop from village to village, each high up in the hills: there’s Casale and Posola, as well as Pavana and Treppio.

A visit to the Castle of Sambuca – a historic fortification once surrounded by a ring of medieval walls that made it impregnable - or the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Giglio, perched on a hill, is unmissable.


In all of Sambuca Pistoiese’s territory, as well as the entire Pistoiese Mountains, there’s a great love for the land; love that’s been passed down and retold in its natural, historical and cultural aspects, testifying to a mountain civilisation of ancient origin and of which numerous traces remain.
To fully appreciate the Tuscan Appenines’ extraordinary beauty and explore the relationship that has developed between man and nature over the centuries, follow one of the routes created by the Montagna Pistoiese Ecomuseum, which is spread across the territory and is composed of a coordinated set of outdoor trails, museums and teaching centers.

The trails are thematic and dedicated to chestnuts, ice, stone, ironworks, religion, nature and mountain villages’ daily life, which has always been closely linked to the forest, sheep farming and local crafts.

The administrative heart of the Ecomuseum is in Gavinana, a village in the municipality of San Marcello Pistoiese. Here you’ll find the Central Information Point, interactive workshops and reception facilities inside the historic Palazzo Achilli.

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