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On a cliff where the crystal-clear blue sea laps at its feet, in the South of Livorno

A few kilometres from the city of Livorno’s historic centre, one of its hamlets - the town of Quercianella - rises above the sea.

A rocky coastline named Il Romito separates it from the city, a few kilometres north of Castiglioncello.

Pine forests and the scents of Mediterranean scrub surround the quaint, peacefully charming town of Quercianella.

It faces out onto the crystal-clear sea that laps against the cliff and was awarded the Blue Flag in 2007 for its high-quality services and water.



Not lacking in typical beach resorts, this area of coastline is particularly appreciated by water sports enthusiasts. The sea, which breaks against rocks, pebbly beaches and hidden coves, is full of fish, and as such is a favourite among divers and snorkelers. It’s also possible to surf here all year round and it’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find a little boat in its little docks.

Right next to the little port is the Quercianella beach, with a free section and one that’s equipped for visitors. To the north of the port is another beach with a salt water swimming pool. The water is collected by artificially placing a stone barrier, allowing children to bath comfortably and without putting them at risk.

Other stand-out beaches include Chioma, made from stones and pebbles, and the gravelly shores of Rogiolo, which also offers access to those with disabilities. The latter is to the south of the Sonnino headland and is accessible via a pleasant walk along the rocks from the La Baracchina restaurant.

Right in front of Quercianella’s beaches, with the same salty taste in the air as cosmopolitan Livorno, are the wild and untouched islands of Gorgona and Capraia, two absolute jewels of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Collesalvetti, which embraces the gentle Livornese hills and aromatic Mediterranean vegetation, is also unmissable.

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