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Marina di Castagneto
Marina di Castagneto
A vast sandy beach in one of the most relaxing seaside destinations in Tuscany

Marina di Castagneto is Castagneto Carducci's seaside resort on the Etruscan Coast. The town backs on to a thick pinewood and rich Mediterranean scrub, which reaches right up to the sandy beach: here you find the old Forte Lorense, which once upon a time defended this stretch of coastline.

Marina di Castagneto is one of Tuscany's most beloved towns, with no shortage of accommodation and entertainment for all the family. You can take long walks along the beach, accompanied by the sweet soundtrack of the waves and the natural spectacle of the sea lilies and other kinds of marine life.

Not far from the Forte Lorense, the local Renaissance fortress, you can admire Villa Margherita, which was built at the start of the twentieth century by the Della Gherardesca counts.

The main attraction of any seaside town is the sea, and the sea here is clear and clean, with many stretches of the beach having earned the Blue Flag award. All of the local coastline is welcoming, inviting, full of bathing establishments and the so-called punti azzurri: lengths of free beach, open to everyone, with guaranteed services and assistance.

There's a nice excursion to be had in the pinewood if you want to visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which was consecrated on 15 August 1988. This church is built on an unusual octagonal plan, with a striking wooden roof in the shape of a pyramid and luminous windows, functioning as walls, looking out onto the garden. You will also find the Cavallino Matto amusement park in the pinewood, one of the biggest and most fun of its kind along the Tuscan coast.

A few miles from Marina di Castagneto you find San Vincenzo, one of Tuscany's most beautiful beaches and particularly attractive to snorkellers and divers. Indeed, if sport is what you're after, whether in the water, on the tennis court or the trekking route, you can head for Castiglioncello, an ancient Etruscan town known as the "pearl of the Tyrrhenian".

Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri both deserve a visit: two areas beloved of the poet Giosuè Carducci, who lived in both and from them drew inspiration for a number of his most famous works, including the poem Viale dei Cipressi.

Finally, don't miss the silver sand of Piombino, or the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park.

In summer, Marina di Castagneto becomes the perfect place for fun, games and activities for young ones, not least thanks to its traditional pageant of sandcastles. In spring, though, Castagneto Carducci puts on its culinary exhibition Castagneto a Tavola, a gourmet event that brings typical local produce and dishes to the table through tasting sessions and cooking shows. The Etrusca Ciclostorica also takes place in these parts, a vintage bicycle race along the white roads.

The Marina di Castagneto area is particularly suited to the cultivation of olive groves and, of course, vineyards. Not for nothing does the Etruscan Coast Wine and Oil Trail wind around here, uniting all the local wines and oils of quality.

The traditional recipes worth trying include the zuppa castagnetana, wild boar sausages, crostini with liver and lepre in salmì, an elaborate hare stew that will go down extremely well with game lovers.

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