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A borderland dominated by mountains and fortifications

Fosciandora has always been a borderland, and it still is today for the historic regions of the Garfagnana and Lucchesia (nor is it far from the border with Emilia Romagna), but in time, it was the main border between the municipalities of Massa, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Ferrara and Modena: it was under the domain of various rulers for centuries, who fought each other for the land, at times dividing it amongst each other until the 19th century. As proof of these events, visitors can admire the fortifications and outposts that were built over time by this or that ruler as a way to defend the hamlets and residential centres.

One that deserves particular mention is the Ceserana Fortress, a church-castle from the 12th century, decorated with an elegant apse and wooden statues of St. Andrew and St. James, sculpted in the 14th century. There are also visible traces of the defensive walls in the hamlets of LupinaiaFosciandora and Treppignana.

The territory surrounding the municipality extends across the left slope of the Serchio Valley, and the Apennines behind the town dominate it from above (especially the Saltello Pass). The view from Fosciandora offers a spectacular sight of the Apuan Alps.
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