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a town of Etruscan origin in the high Mugello

Where the Comano river flows into the Sieve is where you can find Dicomano. Its variety is the fundamental characteristic of the surrounding countryside: there’s the typical scenery of a mountain atmosphere, similar to the Mugello, as well as a more valley-like environment, typical of the Val di Sieve. In Dicomano, the peaks of the Apennines transform slowly into low hills, leaving in their descent green forests of beech, oak and chestnut trees. Throughout the fields, there are country homes and historic villas, surrounded by olive groves and rows of vines. Over the centuries, mankind has bestowed this territory with everlasting traits that we can still admire today. Here, these artistic and architectural elements blend harmoniously with the environment.

Amongst the sites worth seeing is the Parish Church of Santa Maria, a Romanesque building from the 1100s typical of the Florentine countryside. Inside, there are important works of art, like a glazed polychrome terracotta from the 1500s attributed to Santi di Buglione, a pietra serena pulpit and various oil paintings by the Ghirlandaio school. Something unique about this church is the reliquary in the rectory containing the ashes and blood of St. Hilary. Another important religious building is the Oratory of Sant’Onofrio, one of the most surprising examples of Italian Neoclassical architecture.

Dicomano is also a territory marked deeply by history, including traces of Etruscan civilization. The Archeological Museum is interesting to visit, home to Prehistoric and Etruscan artefacts coming from the Mugello and the Val di Sieve; the museum also hosts workshops. Equally compelling is a journey into the past at the archeological area in Frascole: this is where the foundations of the Church of San Martino and another structure were discovered, the latter very likely being an Etruscan fortification.

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