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calambrone beach
A peaceful and tranquil oasis on the Pisan coast

Along the Pisan coast, halfway between Tirrenia and Livorno, lies Calambrone. During the era of the Maritime republics, it was, for all intents and purposes, the Pisan Port, the major seaport of the powerful city.

After centuries of relative abandon, Calambrone developed a proper urban centre in the 1930s. Numerous summer recreation centers in the Liberty and Modernist styles date from that same era. Even today, these buildings characterise the town’s urban and architectural structure. The landscape along this stretch of coast is also distinctive, noted for its sandy dunes.

Thanks to the coast’s redevelopment, the small town has become the perfect destination for a family holiday.

In recent years, many of Calambrone’s old structures have undergone redevelopment, now serving as inviting tourism-residential complexes or prestigious hotels and lodging structures. These operations are helping to revive Calambrone as a welcoming destination for seaside tourism.

In terms of nature-based activities and sights, Calambrone impresses with its Tombolo pine forest, which begins just behind the residential area and includes the San Rossore Natural Park. Strolling leisurely through the trees or along the expansive, fine sand beaches with the dunes as a backdrop, makes for an enjoyable outing. Additionally, due to its unique exposure to winds and currents, Calambrone is also a well-known meeting point for avid sailing and windsurfing fans.

Calambrone is part of the Pisa Area. The landscape of this typical Tuscan countryside is distinctive for the rolling hills interspersed with beautiful plains and important waterways, such as the Arno.

From the untouched nature flows precious thermal waters and an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation in Casciana, San Giuliano and Uliveto, as well as beaches running from the Marina di Pisa in Tirrenia to the Marina di Vecchiano.

On the Monte Pisano, shaped by its olive trees, mule tracks and terraces, you can set out on various trekking trails and marvel at the breathtaking view at your own pace.

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