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Dante's Itineraries in Mugello
In the footsteps of Dante through the places and characters mentioned in the Comedy, in a land where ancient legends and traditions live in the present

700 years after Dante's death, a journey through the places and characters mentioned in the Comedy and linked to the Poet and the Mugello area: from Maghinardo Pagani to the Ubaldini, from Giotto to Scarpetta Ordelaffi and Fulcieri da Calboli.

We will read together the verses that made them immortal and we will go back in time, observing Mugello through Dante's eyes, a land where ancient legends and traditions live in the present, and beyond.

We will relive the fierce struggles of the autumn of Feudalism, the end of the ancient Dynasties and their centuries-old dominions. We will retrace the events of the powerful Ghibelline Ubaldini dynasty, between marriages and battles, alliances and betrayals. We will meet Maghinardo Pagani, Lord of the North and his niece Marzia Ubaldini, one of the most famous female combatants of the Middle Ages. We will visit the "Terre Nuove", symbol of the Florentine conquest and of a new world. We will see the places of Giotto, a friend of the Poet.

The places we will visit:

  • SAN GODENZO. The Abbey where Dante allied himself with the Lords of the Apennines against Florence on 8 June 1302.
  • VESPIGNANO and VICCHIO. The places of Giotto, the same age as Dante "and his great friend" (Vasari).
  • BORGO SAN LORENZO AND SURROUNDINGS: the parish church and Giotto's table, the Pulicciano hill, theater of the fierce battle of 12 March 1303 between Guelphs and Ghibellines
  • SANT'AGATA. The majestic Romanesque church and the Archaeological Museum, with finds from the site of Montaccianico, the main fortress of the Ubaldini.
  • SCARPERIA. Among the most beautiful villages in Italy and "Terra Nuova" founded by Florence on 8 September 1306, famous for the ancient tradition of the cutting tools.
  • MARRADI. The town of the «Marron Buono», still guarded by the Rocca di Castiglionchio, one of the centers of Maghinardo Pagani's power.
  • PALAZZUOLO SUL SENIO. Among the most beautiful villages in Italy, it was the last Ubaldini dominion to be conquered by Florence in 1373.

abbazia di san gaudenzio, Piazza Dante Alighieri, San Godenzo FI, Italia
From 01 April 2021 to 31 December 2021
Sara Fabbri
Prices include
  • Authorized tour guide, PhD in History of Art, in historical dress from the Dante period, expert in historical reconstruction
  • Cost per person: € 30.00 for 3 hours, for a group of 5.
  • For groups of less than or more than 5 pax the total cost is € 150.00 to be divided among the participants
  • Maximum 15 pax during the Covid-19 emergency
  • Possibility to combine several mid-day itineraries (3 hours) on one or more days
  • ITINERARY 4 mentioned in the program lasts all day
Supplemental charges
  • Entrance tickets to the Museums
  • Extras
  • Transport costs. NCC, TAXI or private means of transport are recommended, and follow the Guide. The center of Vicchio, Borgo San Lorenzo and Marradi can be reached by train and bus; Scarperia, S. Agata, S. Godenzo and Palazzuolo can be reached by bus or private means
Meeting point
San Godenzo, Abbey

SAN GODENZO: the Abbey where Dante allied himself with the Ubaldini against Florence in 1302.
VESPIGNANO: the Giotto House Museum
VICCHIO: the Museum of Sacred Art.

BORGO SAN LORENZO: the parish church with the work of Giotto. 
PULICCIANO, where a plaque commemorates Dante and the Battle of 1303.
MADONNA DEI TRE FIUMI: the Sanctuary and the ancient mill still in use.

SCARPERIA, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, founded by Florence in 1306 after defeating the Ubaldini, famous for the ancient tradition of the cutting tools.
SANT'AGATA: the church and the Archaeological Museum with finds from Montaccianico.

A day in the Upper Mugello, in the ancient Ubaldini and Maghinardo Pagani domains.
MARRADI: the historic center, the shops of typical products, the parish church of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Torriani. PALAZZUOLO SUL SENIO, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the last fiefdom to be conquered by Florence in 1373.

Cancellation and no-show policies
Prepayment. 100% refund in case of cancellation within 48 hours; 50% within 24 h. In case of non show, there will be no refund. The Guide will wait 1 hour at the Meeting Point
Sara Fabbri
P.IVA: 06486900480
Borgo San Lorenzo
Prices starting from
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