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Torre dello Zenobito
Watching over the Capraia sea since 1545

One of the four coastal towers on the island of Capria allows for a direct view of both the Forte San Giorgio and the towers on Corsica. We’re talking about the Torre dello Zenobito, built by the Republic of Genoa in 1545 to defend the island from Privateers. Its name derives from the ancient monastery (also called cenobio) that was situated nearby in the Early Middle Ages, which also lent its name to the nearby Piana dello Zenobito (Zenobito Plain).

There are two ways to get to the tower: the “ceppo” path and the “lost” path.

The circular, lava stone structure stands at the top of the evocative Cala Rossa and is three stories tall, with a gallery overlooking the main room, where the large fireplace can still be seen. The entrance is elevated in order to ensure a better defense against enemies.

The tower’s construction was very strenuous: the stones extracted from the neighbouring quarry were transported first by sea then carried along a difficult, lengthy walk. Despite the hard work, the labourers were made up mostly of women from the island.


Source: Fabio Guidi e Roberto Moresco

Torre dello Zenobito
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