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Monticiano Biodiversity Museum
Discover the importance of protecting our environment

Situated in the heart of the Alto Merse Nature Reserve, in the small village of Monticiano, the Biodiversity Museum explores the complex relationship between humans and the natural ecosystem. It was created to illustrate and illuminate the extraordinary biodiversity that exists on our planet and what we have to do in order to preserve it.

A visit to the museum is therefore a journey of discovery - discovering life on Earth, its beauty and the threats that it faces as a consequence of mankind.

The museum was created for the use of students, schools, tourists and nature workers. It also hosts World Wildlife Fund summer and winter camps for young children and schools, using models, games and other stimuli to increase public interest in environmental issues and help people discover the incalculable value of our world.

roomStrada Provinciale 73 bis, 53015 Monticiano SI, Italia
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