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Caprese Michelangelo - Museo Michelangelo Museum
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Michelangelo Museum in Caprese Michelangelo
Plaster casts of masterpieces by the Renaissance maestro and other artists are on display

The Michelangelo Museum is located in the fortress in Caprese Michelangelo and includes the home in which Michelangelo was born, known as Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo Clusini and the Corte Alta, with a space for open-air exhibitions. Even if the gallery’s origins date to the celebrations for the anniversary of Michelangelo’s birth in 1875, it was only in 1964, during the anniversary of the artist’s death, that the museum was officially inaugurated. The museum aims to document the Renaissance master’s body of work with plaster casts of his pieces and to celebrate him with sculptures by artists from 19th and 20th centuries.

The oldest core of the collection was made up of plaster copies of Michelangelo’s works, which were given to the museum by Florentine institutions so they could be stored. Sculptures and paintings donated by contemporary artists later joined the collection, as well as photographs of the master’s pieces and frescoes from the Casa Buonarrotti in Florence, depicting scenes from the artist’s life.

The museum recently expanded its holdings with the Guidoni collection, comprising small Italian sculptures from the 1800s and early 1900s. Many of these works are by renowned sculptors, such as Antonio Canova and Umberto Boccioni.

Info: capresemichelangelo.net

Caprese Michelangelo
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