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Fonte Pura Thermal baths in Saturnia
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Fonte Pura Thermal Baths in Saturnia
A vacation marked by total relaxation at the thermal baths in the Maremma

Built like a small town on the peak of a hill standing over the valley of Saturnia, Hotel Saturno Fonte Pura boasts a sulphuric thermal pool fed with waters from its own spring. 

The waters – rich in sulphur, carbon dioxide, sulphate and bicarbonate-alkaline – flows at a temperature of 37.5° and has renowned therapeutic properties, offering relaxation and well-being to the body by alleviating stiff muscles and giving tissue greater elasticity.

Thermal waterfall in Fonte Pura Hotel Saturno, in Saturnia
Thermal waterfall in Fonte Pura Hotel Saturno, in Saturnia- Credit:  hotelsaturnofontepura.com

Hotel Fonte Pura’s thermal waters were recognized by the Ministry of Health as suitable for balneotherapy and for curing rheumatic, gynecological and dermatological illnesses, such as psoriasis. 

The spa also offers numerous treatments for its guests’ well-being, including traditional massages, holistic massages and even stone massages, an ancient Eastern technique that uses hot lava rocks on the body.

Info: hotelsaturnofontepura.com

roomLocalita' La Croce, 58014 Saturnia GR, Italia
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